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CONSCIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL combines consciousness, sport, nutrition and mental skills.

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Patricia Kaiser, Marion Reiff and Sandra Stiegler share with you their talents as well as their passion: “We have made it our goal to put together exciting topics, competent speakers and beautiful asset excursions that we can experience in a varied way. The desire is to unite women with the same interests, who are enthusiastic about and strengthen the quality of life.
Our “consciously beautiful” weekend represents a successful composition of general awareness, blending with exercise, nutrition and mental skills.


Patricia Kaiser is known as a versatile all-rounder in the sports and lifestyle sector, mother of two, model and presenter. Family comes first for her and through her strong sense of awareness simply an inspiration for all. She has recently devoted herself intensively to the topic of healthy nutrition and created a plastic-free and CO2-neutral fruit and vegetable label "Ich+".


Sandra Stiegler is a sports scientist with a bachelor’s degree in health and performance sports, nutrition coach, trainer and mother. Every day she works with top athletes, schools and larger institutions. Varied food and training to get yourself out of the comfort zone again and again is her top priority. In addition to her job, she has recently published her first book, “Nutritional Impulse”.


Marion Reiff is Certified RolferTM, 2-fold mother, Pilates & water jumping trainer. The Olympia 4. In water jumping and Red Bull Cliff Diving Judge, targeted fascia training (in conjunction with the strengthening of the deep stabilization muscles) shows how the body can be brought back into an upright, balanced posture. The result is effortless erection, and movements become lighter and freer again.

  • WALK-TALK- SMILE joint ENNS walk (afternoon on 06.11.2020)
  • CONSCIOUSLY UPRIGHT Morning Glory with Marion Reiff (morning on 07.11.2020)
  • CONSCIOUSLY ENJOY DIY snacks with Sandra Stiegler & Patricia Kaiser (morning on 07.11.2020)
  • CONSCIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL Hiking (afternoon on 07.11.2020)
  • CONSCIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL & UPRIGHT seminar with Marion Reiff & Patricia Kaiser (morning on 08.11.2020)
  • WALK-TALK- SMILE joint hike Krahbergzinken in good weather (lunchtime on 08.11.2020)
  • CONSCIOUSLY UPRIGHT on the mountain with Marion Reiff (in the afternoon of 08.11.2020)

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*We reserve the right to make short-term programme changes or cancellations due to higher-ranking ordinances within the framework of the epidemic legislation.

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