Summer holiday at Upper Austria

As a very diverse province, Upper Austria has a wealth of landscapes, attractions and activities to offer. From the idyllic Salzkammergut region, which has been the setting for numerous film productions, to the rolling hills of the Mühlviertel region and alpine mountain regions. The state is especially known for a lively art scene in the capital city of Linz and for its extremely jovial population. The extensive nature of many regions invites visitors to become active outdoors. Cycling, hiking, horseback riding, swimming and recharging your batteries. The latter can be done particularly well at the power spots of the granite highlands of the Mühlviertel.



The beauty of Upper Austrian places and lakes has already been effectively captured in numerous TV productions. Besides the famous Salzkammergut, the hilly Mühlviertel, the alpine Pyhrn-Priel or the cultural capital Linz also have a lot to offer. In any case, all areas are united by a charming coziness.

Whether hiking along the waterfront with a subsequent jump into the refreshing water or mountain climbing at lofty heights - the varied nature of Upper Austria offers dream settings for every taste. Water sports, cycling, trails for adventurous runners and sports with an adrenaline kick are juxtaposed with leisurely programs for the whole family. From the petting zoo to the adventure playground, children are perfectly entertained, while those seeking relaxation can unwind in thermal spas and those interested in culture will find a variety of museums, galleries and events in the city.

Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bad Leonfelden

Arrive, in the middle of nature. The view sweeps over the expanse of the Mühlviertel hilly landscape. The mystical early morning mist quickly dissolves over the fields and provides space for active enjoyment in harmony with nature.


Man cycling in upper Muehlviertel  near Falkensteiner Hotels

Leisure cycling in the upper Mühlviertel

From hilly landscapes to tasty delicacies – leisure cycling in Mühlviertel is a must for both cycling enthusiasts and food gourmets.

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Golf player hitting the ball at Falkensteiner Hotels

Various golf courses

Golf lovers will get their money's worth on the greens, playing right in the middle of Mühlviertel's idyllic natural landscapes.

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Local Attractions

The Three Churches

The neo-Gothic parish church of St. Bartholomew began construction circa 1483, and was completed at the beginning of the 16th century at the behest of Thaman Dienstl.

Oö School Museum

The Upper Austrian School Museum has stood since 1577 to be the oldest school building in the country, and received the Austrian Museum Seal of Approval.

Night Watchman

Take part in a historical tour with the night watchman through Bad Leonfelden and learn something about the place's history under the glow of the lantern.

Maria Schutz pilgrimage church near Bründl

A protected historic landmark, the church's a baroque high altar from 1790 and impressive wall paintings are breath taking.

Lobenstein Castle

A visit to the medieval castle ruins with its heptagonal tower can be easily combined with a hike.

Český Krumlov

Exploring the old town, strolling through gardens and parks or exploring excursion destinations – you can do all this and more in Český Krumlov.

South Station Market

Discover the pleasures of Upper Austria's largest food market, with its extensive range of regional specialties and cafes.

Thauerböck organic distillery & organic farm

A tour of the organic farm, including sample tasting, is an experience for all your senses. Not just for whiskey lovers!