Falky's SPA – Wellness for kids

In addition to the extensive range of facilities at Falkensteiner Acquapura SPA, we have developed a concept with Falky's SPA that is specifically aimed at children and their needs. The treatments have been lovingly selected and meet the children's requirements based on their age. The selection offered ranges from family saunas at mild temperatures to special, child-friendly massages that take place in the presence of a parent.


Falky's SPA treatments
by appointment

Just the right treatment for your child

The Falky wellness programme was developed together with PINO, a company with decades of experience in developing health-related wellness treatments for young epicures. In order to offer parents and their children a unique experience, our treatments are prepared with the greatest care. Special attention is paid to the needs of your little ones. During a one-to-one conversation with our SPA therapists, you will discover which treatment is best for your child with the help of Falky's wellness triangle – a fun way to find the right massage.

Falky massages for parents & children

Joint massages for parents and children create a special bond of trust and allow you to relax together. Depending on your needs, they can help children to feel calm, balanced or animated. Children who receive regular messages experience a feeling of well-being and develop a positive body awareness that helps them in their development. In addition, massages promote blood circulation and strengthen both concentration and the immune system. 

Family sauna

Infusions for the whole family are held three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 6 pm) in the sauna area. The maximum temperature during the infusions is 50°C.

Additional treatments

In addition to special massages and family sauna infusions, we also offer other selected treatments such as manicures or facial care.