Stalactites in a cave near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Cave Adventure

Modric Cave is 829m long, and the curious visitor is rewarded with facts about cave formation, a guided tour through its passages and chambers, and above all, by the chance to observe the stalactites hanging from the ceiling, the stalagmites growing up from the floor and several other fantastic shapes and forms.

Who is it aimed at?
Friends, couples, groups

By car

Good to know
As the cave tours require additional equipment, they are always conducted by specially trained guides.

How are you moving around?

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Beautiful waterfall in National Park Krka, Falkensteiner Hotels

National Park Krka Waterfalls

At 72 kilometres in length, the Krka is the longest river in central Dalmatia and, thanks to the 20 kilometres between Knin and Skradin occupied by the Krka National Park, it is also probably the most spectacular one in Europe.

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Rocky mountain in National Park Paklenica, Falkensteiner Hotels

National Park Paklenica

The Paklenica Canyon, known as the gateway to the national park, is one of its greatest natural phenomena, and is considered the pearl of the Velebit Mountains.

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National Park Plitvice Lakes

Croatia's first national park has nature lovers swooning over its extraordinary beauty.

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Nature Park Vrana

The Vrana Lake is an unusual connection of land and water which offers a refuge to different species of plants and animals, offering them all the necessity for life. The lake is unique for its position and characteristics not only in Croatia but also in other parts of Europe.

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Zadar City & bay near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences


During your visit to the historic town of Zadar – its antique forum, the old Church of St Donatus, the Cathedral of St Anastasia, and its museums, monuments and palaces – you will learn all about the rich history of this beautiful historic city.

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Church of the Holy Cross in Nin near Falkensteiner Hotels


Our exciting journey takes us to the township of Nin where you get introduced to the highest salt quality in the world. Nin is a town with a glorious past. As a former Croatian royal town and one of the most important cultural centres of the early Croatian state,

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Pag Island

Vacations on the island of Pag not only include beautiful beaches and clear water but also highlights such as a salt museum.

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National Park Kornati Islands

The archipelago, with its 150 uninhabited islands, islets and reefs, is the most shattered island group in the Mediterranean.

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Discover the beauty of nature by exploring the River Zrmanja in a very special way. 

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A lady relaxing on a Yacht near Falkensteiner Hotels

Yacht Service

Secluded bays, turquoise waters & your exclusive motor yacht. Enjoy the beauty of the Dalmatian coast from the seaside in the comfort of an exclusive yacht.

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Aerial view of Telascica Nature park near Falkensteiner Hotels

Telašcica Nature park

Telašćica offers variety: from hiking to water sports – comprising of 64% water, anything is possible in the nature park.

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Salt piles in Pag island's Museum of Salt, Falkensteiner Hotels

Museum of Salt – Pag island

The salt museum in Pag covers over 50 square kilometers. Up to 1978, salt was harvested here in the summer months.

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Croatian National Theater Zadar

Since the 2000s, the cast of the Croatian National Theater Zadar has been attracting visitors with a varied program.

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The Zadar Sea Organ near  Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Sea organ

The movement of the waves creates the music for the sea organ in Zadar. Listen on the steps by the water.

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An old building in Sibenik city near Falkensteiner Hotels


In summer Sibenik attracts visitors with water sports and museums. But also hosts attractions such as the children's festival or the medieval market.

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The iconic Zrmanja Canyon near Falkensteiner Hotels

Zrmanja Canyon

The Zrmanja Canyon can be explored by canoe or on foot. It is famous as the location of the Winnetou movies.

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The exterior of Kninska Fortress near Falkensteiner Hotels

Kninska Fortress

The fortress at Kninska is the largest in Dalmatia. It is thought it dates back to the 9th century.

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