Falky Almland

There is a lot to discover in the Falky-Almland. Where does milk come from? What is the importance of water? What does the farmer do all day long, and how is cheese made? Our professional, loving child care workers are well-versed in the topic of the Alm. Of course, there is a lot of storytelling and crafting, and heading out into nature to take an extra-close look at everything. 

We offer an exciting program in collaboration with partners from the surrounding area.


  • Visit to a cheese dairy
  • Splashing around at the Aquatrail
  • Gather and colour stones during “Lots of colourful stones”
  • Games and riddles, watch groundhogs and cows during the “Alm adventure day”
  • Go skiing at the ski school across the street - sign up during vacation every Saturday at the house
  • Grill hot dogs over the campfire that you built during the “Fire alarm”, and much more


We are just as happy about the sun as we are about the rain here in the mountains – we have plenty of sunshine ideas along with a soaking wet outdoor program – rubber boots are an advantage!


  • Rain rally
  • Umbrella circles
  • Rain puddles game
  • Rain puddle-tango
  • Rubber boot race 
  • Rainbow wax art