Career & Education

Eva Gossenreiter, former HGA trainee (positive graduation in 2015):

“Our hotel invests €50,000 annually in continued education and training for us, its employees. There are special programs for each position and department, whether you are a manager or trainee.

We, in Bad Leonfelden, can even choose from courses of two different academies. The Falkensteiner Academy, as a group-internal option, and the TOP HOTEL Academy, an alliance of seven regional hotels, both meet the demand very well.

While the Falkensteiner Academy focuses on the development of apprentices with its own apprenticeship program, the promotion of executives with special seminars and training of Falkensteiner standards, TOP HOTEL Academy provides general specialist seminars and exciting excursions. Especially for us trainees or apprentices, there is another exciting highlight in the form of trial days, where we get to know other hotels and this not only within the 31 Hotels & Residences of the Falkensteiner Group, but also in the 7 best Mühlviertel hotels and at selected hotels in Styria, including the Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau.

Personally, I am looking forward to my first 6-week internship in Hamburg which is part of my training and I will begin it in May.

Let’s GO! What are you waiting for? Apply now. We look forward to meeting YOU ​​and to a great cooperation in team Bad Leonfelden!