“You've not really been there until you've set foot there."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Mühlviertel offers unique ways to slow down.
Quiet hiking in nature brings body and mind into balance and breaks through the usual perspective of everyday hectic.

Lipno treetop path

The treetop path in Lipno is a fascinating nature experience of a special kind.

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Forest path in the Moorawald forest near Falkensteiner Hotels

Moorwald Adventure Hike

Explore the secrets of the Moorwald forest from Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bad Leonfelden! Uncover the secrets of the Moorwald on the “Moorwald Adventure Hike." A pleasurable learning experience, especially for nature lovers who want to explore the forest and swamp habitats more closely in a playful and exciting way.

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Moorwald adventure trail near Falkensteiner Hotels

Moorwald adventure trail

Discover the unique flora and fauna of Bad Leonfelder's upland moor on the Moorwald adventure trail.

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A white llama at Lama expedition near Falkensteiner Hotels

Lama expedition through Mühlviertel

Accompanied by the “Band of Llamas”, you will walk through idyllic wooded areas and meadows, passing fish ponds and game reserves.

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Close-up of various cookie shapes at Falkensteiner Hotels

Kastner Lebkuchen World

Right in the middle of Mühlviertel, the wonderfully fragrant world of Lebkuchen is a delicious experience for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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Sternstainwarte observation tower at Falkensteiner Hotels

Sternsteinwarte observation tower

More than 120 years old, Sternsteinwarte lies 1125 m above sea level. An outstanding view is guaranteed.

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A group of trekkers in Muehlviertel near Falkensteiner Hotels

Hiking in Mühlviertel

Over 70 hiking trails of all lengths and degrees of difficulty help you discover beautiful Mühlviertel on foot.

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Man cycling in upper Muehlviertel  near Falkensteiner Hotels

Leisure cycling in the upper Mühlviertel

From hilly landscapes to tasty delicacies – leisure cycling in Mühlviertel is a must for both cycling enthusiasts and food gourmets.

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A donkey captured at donkey-walk near Falkensteiner Hotels

Donkey walks

On this relaxed walk, you not only get to enjoy nature but also get to know these clever animals.

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Close-up of a blue shirt wrist at Falkensteiner Hotels

Wagner Blue printing

A visit to the workshop provides an insight into the unique technique and tradition of blue printing.

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Golf player hitting the ball at Falkensteiner Hotels

Various golf courses

Golf lovers will get their money's worth on the greens, playing right in the middle of Mühlviertel's idyllic natural landscapes.

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Female horse rider on a horse at Falkensteiner Hotels

Stöglehner riding stables

Beginners and experienced riders can get more out of the vacation with treks or professional riding lessons.

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Skiers & cable cars in winter near Falkensteiner Hotels

Ski Lift Sternstein

In the winter months, the ski lifts provide access to a small ski area particularly suitable for beginners.

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