Spa Treatment at Falkensteiner Spa Resort Mariánské Lázně

50 Plus - Health for him

New strength - self-confidence - well aging

Fatigue, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, frequent waking up at night, and related problems that men are reluctant to talk about. We offer an exclusive package for men who want a life without restrictions.

Length of stay: from 7 nights - 22 treatments

Laboratory testing of blood count, urine and a prostate-specific antigen will show us any undesirable changes, and with proper history and a specific urological examination, we can tailor the program to individual needs.

Stimulating applications for the pelvic area cause better blood circulation and tissue elasticity, and can significantly improve the condition of men. The goal is to return to enjoying an unrestricted life as quickly as possible and to regain comfort and self-confidence.

Primary diagnostics and medical coordination

  • Initial consultation, explanation of the program
  • Blood laboratory, PSA
  • Urine examination
  • Consultation, evaluation of examinations
  • Final medical consultation for check out, evaluation and recommendations
  • Documentation for the health insurance company
  • Anti-inflammatory dry CO2 bath to improve kidney activity
  • Pulsating magnetic therapy
  • Kerosene pack
  • Individual targeted pelvic gymnastics
  • Diathermy - application of dry heat


We would be happy to advise you in detail by phone or email to find out which health program suits your individual needs.

Our team looks forward to your inquiry.