The Zadarhalf triathlon has been successfully held at the resort Punta Skala since 2014. Our resort is an ideal location for triathlon training camps and races as it is surrounded by crystal clear sea for the swim leg, the Zadar region roads are in excellent condition for the bike leg, while the run leg along the seaside in the resort and through the typical Dalmatian town of Petrčane is an amazing experience in itself. The race is organized in cooperation with the local triathlon club, with the start line in front of the Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora **** s, and the finish line in front of the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera *****.

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The race for all age groups

The format is a medium-long distance race, with 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling (the road is closed to traffic!) and 21 km of running. The entire event is designed in such a way that competitors can bring their family or friends along, and rest, relax and even compete together, as the event lasts over the course of a couple of days and includes two smaller races (5 km run and aquathlon for children and teenagers), workshops or lectures on nutrition or training, and an official triathlon camp before the race where you can try out the actual race tracks under the expert guidance of experienced coaches and get advice on how to improve your results. More information and race registration:

In addition to this official triathlon camp before the race, the resort can organize triathlon camps throughout the year - our team will be happy to send you more information!

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The swim leg

The swim leg and the start of the race take place on the sandy beach in front of the Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora and the participants swim around the entire Punta Skala peninsula (1.9 km). The swim leg exit is located on the pebble beach below the Planika Restaurant. The sea is beautiful, crystal clear, the temperature is around 21℃ hence neoprene suits are allowed. As of 2020 the start will be the so-called “rolling start” in order to avoid crowds and blows among triathletes and to make your experience of the whole event safer and more enjoyable.

The bike leg

The bike leg starts from the transition zone in front of the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera towards the royal city of Nin (9km) where you cycle 4 laps of 18km each, and back another 9 km from Nin to the Falkensteiner resort Punta Skala. The lowest point is 2 m above sea level, while the highest is 54 m above sea level, i.e. the track has a total elevation difference of 430 m over 90 km. The roads are in excellent condition, completely closed to traffic during the race, and take you past vineyards and orchards of the Dalmatian hinterland, with a view of the magical Velebit mountain. There is also a refreshment station on the track at the turn (every 18 km) with beverages and fruit.

The run leg

As of 2020 there is a new run leg, along the seaside for almost the entire route, leading from the Falkensteiner resort Punta Skala, through the picturesque town of Petrčane to the shady Pinija peninsula. The track is exactly 7.03 km long per lap, with an elevation difference of 17 m. The total length is 21.1 km and the elevation is 51 m. The expected air temperature is around 23°C. There are 6 refreshments stations with beverages and fruit, energy gels, honey, salt and ice bags, keeping you hydrated and full of energy throughout the demanding route.