Historical Attractions in Croatia

Diverse & Unique

Croatian culture and heritage reflect the diverse influences of the rich past during which the country had close contacts with various invaders. From the Ottoman Empire and Venice to Austria and Hungary, there are visible traces of their rule, mostly in language, architecture and gastronomy.

Local traditions like village fairs, national costume, beautiful lace work, folk dances, klapa music and food served to protect regional cultures in violent times.

Witness cultural traditions

During your stay in Croatia, you'll probably have a chance to witness some of the cultural traditions which Croatians take great pride in. Take home with you a piece of lacework from the island of Pag, a bottle of local wine, a fine sheep milk cheese or lavender products as a reminder of your holidays.

But there's one souvenir to beat them all: a necktie! Did you know that Croatians invented it? And another trivia you may find interesting, especially if you're an animal lover: The beautiful dog Dalmatian is named after the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia, a part of Croatia, which was its first home.

Discover for yourself what makes Croatia such a compelling and unique destination as you experience some of its culture and traditions.

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