Kitchen Games & Culinary tales from the Arabian Nights

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29.04.2018 · SUN

Following the success of the first Kitchen Games in 2017, the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden will be hosting a second edition of the event on Sunday April 29, this time titled “Kitchen Games and Culinary Tales from the Arabian Nights”.

The Schlosshotel Velden staff will be teaming up with renowned guest chefs to cook up completely unique tastes and experiences in different settings around the hotel.

As the name suggests, the Kitchen Games is a casual event designed to be just as much fun for the chefs as it is for the guests. The teams will be playing with new tastes and locations throughout the hotel. And each guest chef will add their own unique twists and flavours to this one-of-a-kind event.

Discover the world of the Arabian Nights. Join us for this unique event in the relaxed environment and exclusive setting of the Schlosshotel Velden. Enjoy the sweet dishes, culinary temptations, traditional shisha and sweet mint tea in a sea of soft cushions, surronded by oriental sounds and rhythms. 


€ 179,- per person
incl. food, an-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine


Info & reservation: +43/(0)4274/52000-0,



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