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Face Exercises' with Jelena Atabeyki

The leading Croatian sports and educational project Aktivna Hrvatska and Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala are inviting you to 'Face Exercises' with Jelena Atabeyki! Join us on Saturday, June 3rd at the Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala, starting at 9:30 a.m., and try these regenerating facial exercises.
Through this exercise programme, you'll learn how to improve your appearance and mood with a natural method that you can perform at home. Jelena’s programme has a focus on strengthening the communication between the muscles and the brain to control everyday facial expressions and ultimately prevent dynamic wrinkles from appearing. Not only will these facial exercises improve your physical appearance, but they will also have a positive effect on your mood. You can do these exercises at home and discover the satisfaction of having a more aesthetic face, as well as the joy of consciously activating certain facial muscles.
As Jelena says: “Facial exercises have been part of my daily care for the last ten years. During that period, I went through the programmes of various promoters of this method. However, I only got the most valuable knowledge about muscles and muscle contractions at the coaching school. The fact that I became a Pilates trainer, even though it was a physical skill, motivated me to take my approach to the facial exercise method seriously, and I have spent the past few years studying the specificity of the anatomy of facial muscles and the application of facial exercise techniques in facial physical therapy, the goal of which is, above all, to stimulate neuromuscular connections and restore strength to the muscle!” 
Register now at www.aktivnahrvatska.hr or at the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera reception and get ready to look and feel your best!

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