Lady doing yoga on a rock by a beach near Falkensteiner Hotels
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Autumn Equinox by the Sea

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VINYASA & YIN YOGA with Sonja Bloder

In celebration of the light and the shadow.
The Yin and the Yang.
We honor the transition from the strong and outward energy of the summer to the more introspective energy in the fall.
It´s a time to reflect, let go, to set intentions and to delve into the internal landscape, to be more open and receptive to the new wonders autumn has in store.

From dynamic and energetic Yang Vinyasa Flows, to create heat and honor our internal sun, to grounding and rejuvenating Yin and Restorative classes, where you meet our own inner moon.

Mystical rituals and practices to reflect and celebrate the harvest of the summer months, to transition into the next season with perspective and gratitude in your heart.

Wake up the the sound of the sea, where you have many ways to connect with the healing energy of the water.
You get the chance to step out of the ordinary and into the gift of the present moment.

From the sea, to the pools or the Black Spa, a cleansing body of water is always close and a tip in the water after the steaming Sauna brings healing to the body and the soul.

Tap into the extraordinary luxurious lifestyle of the mediterranian sea, right at the adriatic coast.
Timeless design, breathtaking panoramic views and the stunning wellness oasis make the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera to one of the best wellness Hotels in Croatia.