The region of Nassfeld-Hermagor-Lake Pressegger offers a sweeping mountain landscape, sparkling lakes and lots of sunshine. Amidst pristine air and pleasant temperatures, leisure time activities are even more fun.


  • Show cheese dairy at the Tressdorfer Alm
  • Guided tour through the salmon smokehouse including a tasting
  • Gailtaler Museum
  • Guided tour of the GeoPark visitors’ centre in Dellach
  • Aqua Trail adventure hiking trail in Nassfeld
  • Lake Pressegger, which meets drinking water quality standards: swimming area on the shore and adventure park
  • Radnig and Vorderberg natural pools
  • Stone labyrinth climbing paradise with the longest flying fox course
  • Rafting tours or family boat rides on the Gail
  • Try Gailtal bacon, honey or Almkäse cheese at one of the many Alpine lodges that serve guests.
  • For fishers: fishing waters in Hermagor
  • Pendolino, the longest summer toboggan run in Carinthia
  • Children’s adventure and rainbow programmes

Using the interactive hiking planner from the office of tourism, you can plan your personalised tour before your departure.

Lake Pressegger near Hermagor meets drinking water quality standards and gets as warm as 28 degrees Celsius in the summer. At that temperature, even people who are sensitive to cold water will be happy to dive right in.

The newly renovated Möderndorf Palace near Hermagor is a typical Carinthian fortification and residence that houses the Gailtal valley museum of local history. The museum contains Georg Essl’s extensive collection and has been situated in Möderndorf Palace since 1983. The collection of interesting items related to natural history and folklore has around 5,000 pieces reflecting the history of the Gailtal, Gitschtal and Lesachtal valleys.

Take advantage of the proximity to Italy and enjoy a luxurious day of shopping in Udine. The shopping centre in Tavagnacco near Udine offers top designer fashion and has long been a destination de rigeur for shoppers. With everything from Gucci to Tod’s to Hermes, you’re sure to find all that your shopper’s heart desires here.

Our 100 activities ABC

Nassfeld is known as the perfect location to spend a summer holiday full of various activities within a picturesque mountain scenery.  You may experience a number of exciting stuff around the hotel. We created an ABC of the top 100 active and excursion destinations of the area especially for you. Many of those activities are included to the Nassfeld Pluscard which means that you may enjoy them free of charge or for a special discount. Thus, you can already choose your holiday activities before in advance.