Sustainable Resort


Sustainability is one of our key corporate values, so issues such as environmental protection, greywater reclamation, waste prevention and optimized energy use play a very important role in determining our actions.

At Punta Skala, we have worked together with international experts to implement a complex system that will minimize our "ecological footprint" in the long run.

A water treatment plant supplies us with the water needed for daily use on the holiday peninsula and generates energy for heating and cooling. In addition, a completely organic purification system helps us to preserve the environment.



  • Water pump: Seawater is pumped out of the sea and into the plant at a constant temperature.
  • Energy generation: The seawater is used for cooling (in the summer) and heating (in the winter) in the hotels and the apartment complex. This reduces the need for fossil fuels.
  • Desalination system: Part of the seawater is desalinated using an osmosis system and can be used as drinking water. The remaining water is diverted back into the sea.
  • Purification system: Wastewater is cleansed using a completely organic purification system and is stored with the collected rain water and the greywater from the swimming pools. The impotable water is then used for flushing toilets and for watering the gardens.

The resort is free of cars except for on arrival and departure. We therefore ask that you use the main underground garage and do not leave your car parked along the street or in front of the hotels.

We will be happy to organize a fascinating and exciting tour through our resort and give you a »behind the scenes« look at Punta Skala. You can view our plant, technical rooms and other areas that are normally closed to the public under the guidance of a trained professional.

To register for a tour or for more information, please contact our team in reception at the Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora!