From the towns and relaxing sightseeing tour to the wonderful nature and islands: Dalmatia is rich in historical towns, natural beauty and fascinating outings and excursions.


Half day excursion - 3000 years of rich history

Wherever you go or stay there were, before you, the steps of Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Napoleon, Habsburgs ... Visiting the old city of Zadar, the antique Forum, the old church St. Donat, the Cathedral St Anastasia, Museums, monuments and palaces you get to know all about the rich history of this beautiful old city.

Full day excursion - A splendid day on the sea!

Archipelago with its 150 uninhabited islands, islets and reefs is the most indented island group in the Mediterranean. We will sail by boat from one island to another all the way to a bay of extraordinary beauty. It is a paradise for those who know how to enjoy the pure form of fascinating crystal sea. On board you will be served a lunch, including wine or juice.


Full day excursion - The most beautiful travertine waterfalls in Europe

After visiting the old town Šibenik  follows the magic world of the Krka river which runs over cliffs and falls in 46m of profoundity! Take some time to make a relaxing walk along the river, enjoy the splendid nature and water. You may also visit a small museum and an old mill. In the summer time you can enjoy the refreshing bath in the river or to make wonderful pictures with your camera.

Full day excursion - Unforgettable natural spectacle

For millions of years, the water has carved its way through travertine rocks making deep lakes and waterfalls. It is the most known Croatian national park which is in the UNESCO Register of World Natural Heritage since 1979. You can enjoy the long walk through the park and forest and get on board of electric boats to enjoy the indescribable blue-green colour of the lakes. This exceptional beauty of the lakes and waterfalls,rich plant, animal life and pure mountain colours attract many nature lovers from all over the world. This may be an unforgettable experience for you!


Full day excursion - Adventure on the mountain

With its surface area of 96 km2, from the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea to the highest peaks of the Velebit Mountains, Paklenica abounds with numerous natural wonders and phenomena, which is why the entire area was proclaimed the national park in 1949. And rightfully so, as this region is simple and unusual in its connection between the sea and the mountains, rich in beech and black pine forests, its deep canyons cut vertically into the Velebit ridge, its karst formations and numerous caves and pits.


Half day excursion - The oldest Croatian royal town

The city of Nin was an important royal and cultural centre through the Croatian history and the testimony of that fact are the monuments from the 8th and 9th century. You have the possibility to taste home made products like cheese, bread, wine,...


Full day excursion - Town-museums in the very meaning of the word

Lovers of cultural and historical monuments, art, original architecture and nice alleys are given the opportunity in Split and Trogir to learn about the manifold and complex heritage. Trogir with its unique best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex, not only in the Adriatic but in all of Central Europe and Split with a 1700-year old tradition and the well-known Palace of Diocletian, inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List, certainly occupied a special positions on the Adriatic and give you the warmth of the Mediterranean


Full day excursion - Adventure on the river

Find out the beauty of the nature by passing the river Zrmanja in a very special way. You will paddle down the river following the instructions of the expert canoeists. No previous canoeing experience is needed and even children of only 10 years can participate to this extraordinary adventure



Full day excursion - Mountain adventure

Jeep Safari  is a whole-day trip which will make you enjoy beautiful views from Velebit heights, experience the unforgettable adventure. While driving  terrain vehicles through Velebit, you will get to know its nature and culture. On this field trip you will experience Velebit in a completely new and different way  and have chance to make wonderful photos.


Half day excursion - Discover the secrets of the underworld

Discover one of the most beautiful caves on Mediterranean. The cave Modric is 829 m long and the visitor’s curiosity is satisfied by facts about the formation of caves, a guided visit through passages and chambers and above all, by observing the stalactites hanging from the ceiling, the stalagmites growing up from the floor and the other sequences of fantastic shapes and forms. These require additional equipment and specially  trained guide.

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