Active Weeks with Falky

Above the Clouds...

Throughout the year, there are 100s of things to take care of at the same time – all members of the family are caught up in their social lives. The time spent together is way too short. This is where Falky and his crew come in: during select activity weeks, we have a special entertainment and support programme for both old and young hotel guests. This is your chance to experience fitness, culinary and cultural adventures of a new kind right in the middle of sunny Alpine country at Katschberg!


  • Guided children’s hiking with carer Isi
  • Special hikes: romantic torchlight hikes & easy to demanding hiking
  • Tradition & craft at the Katschberg resort: Wood carving exhibitions, learn about beekeeping, blacksmithery and cheese production.
  • Gourmet delights in addition to a glass of golden joy: Celebrate autumn with us with traditional music and delicious regional specialities! A review of the Katschberg Hoamart - weeks in 2014.
  • Fitness in the Alpine nature experience: Learn more about the running and Nordic walking experience from our experts and join immediately!
  • Game weeks & creative weeks with a childcare service
  • guided mountain bike tours
  • Circus school​

All programs take place three days a week. External programmes depend on the weather conditions. Please register at reception.