Our suggested Treatments

To facilitate your choice we have assembled some treatments for your family.

For all explorers

  • Falky’s pirate adventure bath: a break for little pirates in a wonderful foam bath with citrus fruits oil. How it should be for a real sea explorer, he will receive an eye patch and a delicious Falky-Cocktail.
  • A trip through the magical forest: while you will receive a herbal tea, you will be massaged from magic heated stones and your trip will be accompanied by a relaxing forest sound.

For little divas

  • Hands and tootsies: Manicure/Pedicure with nail polish and glitter, the must for a real diva
  • Ariel bath: a fragrant milk bath with essential oil and red roses accompanied by the reading of a lovely fairy tale. The little princesses will receive a crown and a delicious Baby-cocktail.

For dad

  • Thalassic man's cure: not only women can join a face treatment. This treatment is the energizer cure from the sea. An intensive and deep purification that tightens your skin and deals with the persistent intake of humidity, the perfect short holiday for the skin.
  • Sport massage for back and legs: utilising herbs and techniques for massages and stretching, this treatment promise an efficient effect to your back and your legs. The blood circulation will be stimulated and your muscles will be unlocked. 

For mum

  • Initiation ritual beauty: short but relaxing revitalizing treatment. A basic but intense purification and a mask improve your skin. You will find some relax also by a neck massage.
  • The relax world: the only and inimitable complete massage with delicates and rhythmic movements which will bring you in the world of the senses. The ideal revival for all stressed mothers.

For the whole family

  • Private SPA for the family – time only for us: in the family sauna by putting on the masks to the others, relaxing in the whirlpool, joining a cocktail and a snack.
  • Mum-Daughter day "Beautiful like mum": together with mum joining a face mask with massage, a feet bath with red roses, and to the end looking mum receiving a pedicure and then a manicure to me. To conclude you will relax a little bit more with a delicious Diva-Cocktail.
  • Dad-Son day "Man's business": with dad joining a bundle of hay and a massage of your choice. For footballer feet an energizing massage. To conclude relaxing on the water bed with a man’s cocktail.