Iadera's Master Chef

Inspired by the contemporary gourmet movements around the world, the Hotel & Spa Iadera is serving up a new interactive gourmet activity, the Iadera Master Chef. In a period of 3-4 hours, the participants are divided into two groups and compete against each other to prepare a 3-course meal for which they discover and reinterpret authentic cuisine and long forgotten recipes.

Our kitchen chef encourages participants to experiment and try a variety of things. Under the careful supervision of the kitchen chef, participants learn to recognize and use the right spices to conjure up an Alp-Adria highlight with their recipe.

After such strenuous work, participants can expect a delicious reward, which is awarded in the form of a gala dinner at one of the restaurants at Resort Punta Skala. How about an ice cold cocktail right on the beach in a fascinating Mediterranean ambiance? What a perfect highlight to end this culinary event.

This program is offered to a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 40 participants. We are also happy to accommodate larger groups with a few small changes.