Massage and a

sensual aroma journey

Explore the world of our natural spa products and experience a sensual aroma journey with the natural active ingredient complexes of the PINO product line.

Detoxing massage

Gentle breathing techniques and deep-seated and detoxifying massage movements vitalise the body and prepare it for subsequent, intensive circulation using massage cups.  The re-mineralising mother-of-pearl massage oil with bioactive calcium, amino acids and trace elements, has a balancing effect.
Revitalization and elasticity

  • Relaxation with the power of maritime active agents
  • Detoxing effect
  • Moments of beauty with mother-of-pearl

Anti-aging massage

The extraordinary anti-aging massage with hand-crafted PINO birch wood and anti-aging massage products promotes tone and the skin's natural elasticity in combination with the unique PINO active ingredient complex.   
Firm and smooth skin

  • A technique using tactile and mechanical active stimulants
  • A smooth massage movement to support the detoxification of tissues
  • Stimulation of the metabolism