Active Wellness


If you’re in a hurry, walk slowly! Unfortunately, “I don’t have any time” has become many people’s mantra these days. The Hotel & Spa Carinzia offers a unique respite from all this, where you can easily escape from the rat race of everyday life.

The following selected programme helps you slow down:

  • Anti-stress massages
  • Wulfenia baths to alleviate muscle cramps and purifying baths

In order to quicken your spirits, we offer a wide variety of sports and activities:

  • Body Styling: Efficient whole-body toning in force endurance
  • Abdomen, legs, buttocks: Targeted strengthening the muscles around the abdomen-legs-buttocks area
  • Meridian Stretching: Stretching exercises, which have a harmonizing effect on the energy budget
  • 5 Tibetans: Energy exercises, which bring our chakras (energy centres) in balance
  • Sound meditation: About soothing sounds of the singing bowls to more relaxation and well-being
  • Stretching: Specific stretching exercises for all muscle groups
  • Gym with weight machines
  • Nordic walking tours near the hotel and walking sticks to borrow for free