Diving at Capo Boi 

Love goes deep: Join diving legend Christian Redl at the fabulous diving grounds of Capo Boi

The best thing about a holiday by the seaside is …? That's right: the sea.

Blue and calm. Endless - stretching out all the way to the horizon. Softly sighing. Gently rocked by the warm water, you head out for a short swim. Splash around with the kids. Lounge around on your air mattress and briefly glance down into the water: wow, a fish! And another one! Amazing - what a view! There are so many of them! Seagrass swaying on the sea floor. Sand and rocks create a real landscape! Not even three, perhaps four metres under you! Wonderful! Magical! A dream.

And then when you're back on the beach, you ask yourself: Why don't I go for a dive? I've always wanted to try it out. Do you actually get to dive here? 

Yes, you can. And at the highest level, for that matter - right on the doorstep: "Some of the most delightful diving spots of the entire Mediterranean are located around Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi.” It's not just anyone saying that: those are the words of an absolute pro. Someone who has taken dives all over and smashed countless world records - still he says that the "diversity and beauty of the underwater landscapes and fauna" of Sardinia's southern coastline are totally amazing. "It hits you like a flash.” So, who's saying that? Christian Redl. Free diver and a living legend in diving at the age of 40.

Redl dives wherever he can. From the polar sea to the south seas. And he prefers to dive without a scuba tank - he's a free diver who holds his breath when he’s underwater. And he dives in depths and over distances that a hobby diver should try out only under proper supervision and with the right gear. 

Here in Sardinia, Redl Taucher accompanies divers on their excursions. Beginners as well as advanced divers. And he tells us that he started to dive when still a child and that he learned to love life under water. "That I get to come back to Sardinia and have this opportunity to share and show guests staying at Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi what I am so passionate about makes me happy", said the diving pro when he first entered the water by the Falkensteiner Premium Family Resort at Sardinia's southern tip - and he was "completely and absolutely stunned" after enjoying his first few dives.

Because the sea off Capo Boi is an underwater nature reserve. A healthy, intact world - with a diversity in fish and plants that can hardly be found anywhere else in the Mediterranean. “Sadly so,” says Redl, "but all the more rewarding that we get to experience, see and feel this right here: with a scuba tank and the full gear or just by snorkelling." The sea here, right before the resort's doorstep hardly gets any deeper than five or six metres. "You would usually have to fly around half the world to experience something similar - and then, once you arrive, you still have that arduous boat ride to the diving grounds ahead of you. Here at Capo Boi everything is within a stone's thrown. Right where you get to spend your holidays: directly in front the hotel's own beach."

All you need to do is: check it out for yourself. Give it a try. Take the first step. Because the best thing about a holiday by the seaside is …? That's right: the sea. And not only the surface, that's for sure.