e v i s u Excl ness well “ACQUA PURA“ MEANS “PURE WATER“ Relax, unwind and leave your daily worries behind ... Water plays a very important role here, from the spacious pools to the impressive sauna areas and the wide array of treatments. In addition to classic body treatments and facials, we offer a wide variety of topquality Phytomer and Babor cosmetics that will be presented to you through treatments by our experienced therapists. The power of Mediterranean, seawater, sea salt, indigenous plants and mud will beautify and revitalise you. 4

Our Acquapura symbols, which are adjusted to the rhythm of seasons, will help you with selecting a treatment: energising and vitalising nurturing calming and relaxing balancing and harmonising clear and clean 5

THE ACQUAPURA PRINCIPLE REDISCOVER f! l e s r u o y Modern people have forgotten how to live in harmony with nature. However, just like the natural change of seasons, the human biorhythm is governed by the ups and downs of nature. The challenges of our daily lives have no regard for that. But we cannot struggle against it on a long-term basis. The consequences are stress, fatigue and general discomfort. We can help you rediscover yourself by finding your rhythmical balance. You decide whether you would like to revitalise, cultivate, relax, or recharge. We will gladly advice on how to plan your own individual wellness programme. The natural biorhythm energetic WINTER The human being balanced balancing and harmonising SPRING SUMMER well-groomed energetic clear and well-groomed purified energetic relaxed balanced balanced well-groomed energising nuturing and vitalising clear and clean well-groomed relaxed 6 This is the Acquapura symbol that means “pure water”. clear and purified

AUTUMN well-groomed 7 WINTER In civilised society, people live at a constant and consistently fast pace. relaxed energetic clear and purified balanced well-groomed calming balancing and relaxing and harmonising relaxed clear and purified

WELLNESS n o i t a x & Rela Take some time on your holiday to enjoy rest and relaxation. Our Acquapura Thalasso & SPA Center Borik features more than 2,500 square meters and as one of the best spa areas in Croatia invites you to treat yourself, to let go and relax. And with the special Falky children’s SPA treatments even our youngest guests will be delighted. Our Acquapura SPA is the ideal place for all those who seek relaxation and love the Mediterranean during quieter seasons. 8

THE 2,500 SQM ACQUPURA SPA CENTRE INCLUDES: •A heated in- and outdoor pool and heated outdoor whirlpool •Sauna area with Finnish sauna, steam bath, cold water channel, Kneipp therapy and relaxation area with water beds • Treatment rooms •SPA Lounge offering a variety of teas and flavoured water • Cardio fitness room and gym • Private SPA and solariums (upon surcharge) 9

ACQUAPURA SIGNATURE TREATMENTS Unique Falkensteiner SPA Treatments with special rituals will awaken all your senses using aromas, colours and sounds combined into a completely new harmony. ACQUAPURA PARTIAL MASSAGE 30 mins. KN 287 ACQUAPURA FULL-BODY MASSAGE 50 mins. KN 441 The massage starts with a foot massage and ends with a refreshing drink. A small present awaits you at the end. 10

ACQUAPURA BODY SCRUB 30 mins. KN 287 Full exfoliation that will make your skin smooth and velvety. ACQUAPURA SAUNA REFRESHMENT 5 mins. Experience special refreshment in the sauna every day, free of charge. Pouring water and crushed, mentholflavoured ice over hot volcanic stones creates steam and warmth. After leaving the sauna, refresh yourself with cold aromatic water. 11


CRYSTAL SHIMMER 40 mins. KN 300 A body scrub with sea crystals combined with a massage is a ritual that hydrates your skin and simultaneously leaves it smooth and silky. An ideal way of preparing yourself for specific weight loss and lifting treatments and programs. BACK DETOX 50 mins. KN 550 This treatment for tired back muscles begins with a sea greeting, followed by a back skin purge and exfoliation. A massage and a self-heating marine mud mask will release all toxins from your body and ease your muscles. OLIGOMER WAVES 75 mins. KN 650 Experience the art of Thalasso therapy: an aromatic bath with remineralising marine ingredients, a creamy peeling with Oligomer crystals and sea sponges as well as a full-body massage with bi-phase concentrate. This ritual has a wholesome effect and reintroduces natural minerals from the used salts and algae to your body. MAELSTROM 90 mins. KN 1000 Enter the Maelstrom with a massage and a facial. What makes this Thalasso ritual special is a Thai pindainspired massage with salt crystals and lavender that restores the balance between body and mind. The body is completely relaxed and the feeling of ease spreads through your skin. Your face complexion is renewed owing to hydrated and regenerated skin cells. 13

BODY s t n e m t Trea ENERGY BOOST 60 mins. KN 400 Awaken your senses with this body treatment that comprises a citrus scrub and mask as well as an energising full-body massage. STOP CELLULITE WRAP 45 mins. KN 450 An intensive treatment that targets cellulite, stimulates the microcirculation and enables the elimination of toxins from the tissue. After scrubbing, the target zone is wrapped into a coating enriched with active ingredients. 14

VOLCANIC MUD TREATMENT 60 mins. KN 450 Treatment for encouraging circulation and muscle relaxation. After the exfoliation, a volcanic mud rich in minerals is applied, which has a special effect on the special areas. The treatment ends with a massage that will additionally enhance the blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. MORPHO DESIGNER 60 mins. KN 500 This body treatment novelty offers complete perfection by bringing together skin shaping, lifting and care. The sea greeting is followed by a silky black sand and pumice stone body scrub as well as different massaging techniques using a contour shaping and body redefining balm. 15

BEAUTY s t n e m t a Tre TARGETED TREATMENTS RADIANT EYES 30 mins. KN 350 A relaxing treatment for the eye area. The skin is smoothed and regenerated. Wrinkles and dark circles are less visible while your eyes are presented with a youthful appearance. 16

SKIN ESCAPE FOR HIM 60 mins. KN 400 A treatment for men focused on intensive hydration and a deep skin cleansing. This treatment will visibly balance your skin and bring back its natural radiance. HYDRA BLUE 50 mins. KN 450 A hydrating skin refreshment with record-breaking instant results. The skin’s natural radiance returns and its dehydration resistance is strengthened. ACNIPURE 60 mins. KN 450 An invasive skin-cleansing program with established effects against oily skin irritations and redness. MARINE SOOTHING 60 mins. KN 700 A specifically composed treatment for sensitive skin prone to redness. Soothes the skin, guarantees optimum hydration and protection of the epidermis and sustains the immune system of the tissue. MECHANICAL FACE CLEANING 40 mins. KN 250 Removal of closed comedones and acne with suitable rather than adequat substances corresponding to your skin type for subsequent skin relaxation. 17

LUXURY ANTI-AGING TREATMENTS PHYTOMER YOUTH PIONEER 90 mins. KN 850 The new generation of anti-aging treatments will lend you a “new skin” using black orchid and marine sugars XMF and VMR. This unique face massage is the perfect technique for instant visible results. BABOR EXTRA FIRMING 75 mins. KN 700 An intensive lifting treatment for atonic skin with wrinkles of all kinds. Natural collagen and elastin levels are replenished which results in fewer wrinkles and traces. BABOR REVERSIVE FACIAL 90 mins. KN 1000 A multifunctional face ritual that renews your skin’s youthful radiance by deeply hydrating the tissue and leaving your skin smooth and lifted. In short, results that turn back time. 18


s e g a s s Ma Just as we need to make our body happy from inside, we should do so from the outside, so that the beauty of our soul can be more visible. 20

CANDLELIGHT 50 mins. KN 400 The perfect solution to reduce stress, muscle tension, stiffness and pain. Active components from the aromatic candles will offer a powerful sense of well-being and leave your skin nurtured. ORIENTAL CEREMONY 60 mins. KN 390 This full-body massage begins with a nutmeg, sour orange and cinnamon scrub. Influenced by Oriental scents the ceremony resumes with a special massaging technique using aromatic pindas. 21

VOLCANIC STONE MASSAGE  50 mins. KN 370 90 mins. KN 660 Volcanic stones from the steaming centre of the Earth can provide you with the feeling of pure bliss. Due to the in­ fluence of the heat released by the stones, the body relaxes and feelings of pleasure, calm and relaxation are created. ADRIATIC MIX  50 mins. KN 310 90 mins. KN 560 A relaxing full-body massage including the use of a combined mix of Mediterranean oils. Smooth movements guarantee complete relaxation, while the aromatic oils affect the muscles pleasantly. ROYAL MASSAGE  30 mins. KN 320 50 mins. KN 520 The harmonious work of the hands of two therapists will offer you a state of bliss that has been only enjoyed by kings. LOMI LOMI MASSAGE 50 mins. KN 400 This Hawaiian adventure represents a traditional technique accompanied by special music and a combined use of oils. Relaxing dancing moves will pay a wellreserved tribute to your senses. WELCOME HOME! MASSAGE  50 mins. KN 330 90 mins. KN 530 An individual massage that stimulates the blood flow and lymph system activity, enhances muscle and tendon elasticity. It relaxes and provides a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. 22

FACE, NECK AND HEAD MASSAGE 30 mins. KN 220 Enables blood and microcirculation and releases high levels of accumulated stress from certain areas in the face, neck and head tissues. PARTIAL BACK OR LEG MASSAGE  30 mins. KN 250 50 mins. KN 350 An intense massage for problematic areas that removes muscle fatigue and tension. REFLEXOLOGY 50 mins. KN 280 By stimulating specific foot zones, nerve paths connected to certain body organs are influenced. Doing this, organ functioning is enhanced for the all-round well-being of your body. HARMONY ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE 50 mins. KN 370 This holistic anti-stress massage begins with a foot massage and ends with a head massage. It creates harmony on the emotional, physical and mental level and does not specifically affect a particular part of the body, but the energy of the organism as a whole. 23

AROMATIC BATHS AND SCRUBS SATIN SHIMMER 30 mins. KN 250 This full-body peeling with marine crystals will make your skin silky and leave it with a feeling of relief. DALMATIAN TOUCH 30 mins. KN 250 A body peeling enriched with Adriatic salts and Mediterranean herbs. Removes dead skin cells and is recommended during winter time and before sunbathing. HIGH TIDE 20 mins. KN 150 Revitalising 100% marine bath enriched with marine calcium. This aromatic bath awakens the feeling of lightness and relaxation. CLEOPATRA’S TREAT 20 mins. KN 150 Discover the secret to Cleopatra’s beauty. A combination of milk, honey and essential oils will make your skin enviably soft and silky. LAVANDINA 20 mins. KN 150 A medicinal bath that achieves the harmony of body and spirit. Deep relaxation and the wide spectrum of application of this medicinal plant from the Dalmatian climate will take you to a state of pure bliss. 24



SPA s e g a k Pac PRIVATE SPA 150 mins. KN 1000 This unique offer consists of the use of our exclusive Private SPA with a relax zone, Finnish sauna and steam bath as well as one back massage (30 min) per person. SPA À LA CARTE 90 mins. KN 600 This offer includes a bath, one peeling and a full body massage - the choice is yours! ANTI-CELLULITE PROGRAM KN 2200 Includes 6 anti-cellulite treatments accompanied by targeted massages as well as three aromatic drainage baths. Schedule the order of treatments and the length of your personalised anti-cellulite program through professional consultation by our staff. SPA FOR TWO 80 mins. KN 1000 Looking for a perfect gift for two? We offer a refreshing facial and full-body massage at the same time in our double treatment room. 27

HAND AND FOOTCARE HAND AND FOOT CARE SPA Manicure 40 mins. SPA Pedicure 50 mins. Nail Polishing 15 mins. Hand or Foot Exfoliation and Massage 20 mins. 28 KN 250 KN 280 KN 70 KN 110

WAXING Upper lip KN 40 Bikini / armpit KN 70 Lower legs KN 90 Entire legs KN 160 Entire legs and bikini KN 200 Arms KN 80 Back KN 100 EYE SHAPING TREATMENTS Eyelash Tinting KN 80 Eyebrow Tinting KN 100 Eyebrow Shaping KN 60 SOLARIUM 29 5 mins. KN 20

SPA ETIQUETTE BOOK A TREATMENT To ensure that you can enjoy the treatment of your choice, we recommend that you book a treatment a day earlier by contacting SPA reception on +385 / (0)23 / 206 184, internal: 6184. TIME FOR YOURSELF In accordance with our Acquapura SPA philosophy, we would like to invite you to our SPA reception about 10 minutes before your treatment to get into the right mood for the treatment, for instance with a soothing cup of tea. If you arrive late, the treatment will be shortened accordingly, out of respect for subsequent guests. CLOTHING Please come to the treatment wearing a bathrobe. To protect your privacy, we provide a disposable slip for every treatment and we work with various covering techniques. For some treatments, you can also wear more comfortable clothes. We will be happy to provide you with information about this. VALUABLES We recommend that you do not bring any jewellery to your treatment. For your own peace of mind, please secure any valuables in your room safe. We accept no liability for any lost valuables. WISH FULFILMENT In accordance with our motto “Rediscover yourself”, we want to fulfill your wish to achieve vitality, care, relaxation, balance and/or purity. Therefore, before the treatment we will ask you what you consider to be the most important. Competent advice is an integral part of the treatment, and we regard it as essential. Please, inform our staff about your health condition and / or pregnancy. Usage and participation in SPA treatments is entirely at your own risk. 30

CANCELLATION Please note that in the case of cancellation, you must inform the SPA reception at least 6 hours before the scheduled beginning of the treatment. Later cancellations will be charged at the full price. OPENING HOURS Treatments: Indoor / outdoor pool: Fitness: Sauna: 08.00 - 22.00 07.00 – 22.00 07.00 – 22.00 09.00 – 22.00 POOL/SAUNA AREA In the pool area, bathing suits are required. In the sauna area, please do not wear any clothing, for hygienic reasons. Children over the age of 16 are welcome. The pool area is also a family area. Nevertheless, we request that you please show consideration for other guests who wish to enjoy some peace and quiet. ACQUAPURA SPA ATMOSPHERE To ensure that all guests can enjoy their stay, the Acquapura SPA is a non-smoking area. We also request that you switch off your mobile phone. VOUCHER The ideal gift – adjusted individually or specifically for one treatment. Be it for your partner, friends or family – the time to rediscover oneself feels really good. For information about our Acquapura SPA vouchers, please ask at our SPA reception. PAYMENT OPTIONS The treatment can be charged to your room account. Payment by card or in cash at the SPA reception is also possible. The management reserves the right to make any changes to treatments, prices and opening hours. All prices include any taxes. Falkensteiner Club Funimation Borik ffff Majstora Radovana 7, HR-23000 Zadar Tel. +385 /(0) 23 / 206 184 (internal: 6184) spa.reception@falkensteiner.com borik.falkensteiner.com Borik d.d., Majstora Radovana 7, HR-23000 Zadar, Company number: 060019751, Commercial register court: Zadar, Head office: Zadar 31

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