Styrian Treatments

Natural wellness

We've discovered the hidden powers of nature by examining ancient wisdom that was accumulated over hundreds of years. With the help of traditional healers we've unearthed and reworked the knowledge of nature's treasures. The insight we gathered has been incorporated into our treatments programme in the Spa and wellness area. For instance polenta has an excellent peeling effect, pumpkin purifies, violet invigorates and lemon balm helps you to relax. Our wellness treatments use natural Styrian products and are very effective! Discover them now!!

Styrian Natural Wellness is based on 4 pillars – and we’ve decided to use the Styrian dialect to help describe their original meaning and our programme to you:

"Sich ribbeln und durchwalken lossn"
This expression stands for the wide array of wellness massages we offer. For each massage we make use of several different products. These include: herbs from our garden, herbal oils and essences home-made by our staff as well as organic regional produce.

"Sich a bisserl auftakeln"
Pamper yourself and bring your natural beauty to the forefront. Traditional Styrian household remedies and natural cures will leave your skin looking radiant. Top cosmetic lines such as Phytomer, St. Barth and Babor are used to round off this Styrian programme.

"Gscheit knotzen und owizahn"
Sit back, relax and let your mind and body rest. The thermal spa water from Bad Waltersdorf will ensure all of this. It has a calming effect, strengthens the immune system and can be used as a supplementary treatment for physiotherapy and combating rheumatism.

"Die Extrazuckerl"
What makes this experience special: You can sweat in a sauna that is located underneath the eartg,  enjoy the sensation of smelling countless herbal scents or have your spine analysed by a “mouse”? We’ve come up with lots of unique experiences to make sure you can be stunned time and time again.