Vegan, gluten-free dish at Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Healthy Diet


At our Vitalpina Hotel we support a healthy and environmentally-conscious diet, taking pleasure in the light, local South Tyrolian dishes that are prepared with seasonal products. For us, the preservation of nutrients and the usage of local ingredients in culinary delights are of great importance.

Regionality is the keyword of the Vitalpina nutritional concept. Our dishes reflect the high-quality ingredients used, the genuine diversity of products, and the fresh spring water of South Tyrol.

We transform traditional dishes in a wholesome, new way from a nutritional point of view. We pay a lot of attention to the bread, for example, in order to introduce our guests to the regional South Tyrolian bread culture and to revive rural traditions. Bread is a symbol of a life lived in harmony with nature. The fragrance of freshly-baked bread straight from the oven!