A man kayaking in Sea Kayak Novigrad near Falkensteiner Hotels
  • Summer

Sea Kayak Novigrad

We start our exciting day with the sea kayaking instructions organized on the beach in Novigrad. The water here is brackish (mixed fresh and saltwater) which is the reason for abundant life under the sea surface. One can find eel here, but you are more likely to spot turtles, fish and birds along the way. Along our journey we will make breaks for swimming and enjoy jumping into the sea from Adriatic cliffs. We use two-person sit-on-top kayaks with an optional child seat which are easy and safe to navigate. You will get a life jacket, a paddle and a helmet, plus long neoprene suits and rain jackets in case of cold weather.

Paddling between the sea and river Zrmanja  
Visiting Novigrad town
Swimming in the Adriatic Sea and river Zrmanja