haki treatments

With the haki method, Harald Kitz has found a worldwide new and internationally awarded treatment method that gently releases pressure and tension in the body through touch and stretching. These special treatments can take place either in the water or on the massage bed. Bring your body back into harmony with itself and gain new strength.


Upon request and availability

haki Stretch & Relax

Well-being starts at the head. This treatment focuses specifically on the shoulder, neck and head area. They are consciously brought into vibration with targeted traction, pressure and stretching.

50min. 105,00 €

Shoulder | Neck | Head | Relaxation 

haki Sacral

haki sacral aims to relieve tension in the back between the lumbar spine and buttocks. The special effect is achieved, among other things, through gentle pressure, stretching and vibration, which relaxes and harmonizes the nerves in the area of the lumbar, sacral and buttocks.

25min. 55,00 €

lower back | relaxation | strengthen torso

haki Purna

haki purna is a full-body treatment in which the specially trained therapists use haki grips to rebalance the body from the sole of the foot to the head.

80 min. 150,00€

relax for the head | strength for the body | clear head | strong torso

haki Flow

Alive in water - during the haki Flow treatment the body is pulled, stretched, felt and perceived. Thanks to the natural haki development, we can now wonderfully stretch and rotate the whole spine and pelvis in addition to the shoulders, neck and head. The therapist guides the body through the water, and you are noticeably stretched. With ease, on a wave - for all who love water and its healing power.

80 min. 150,-

Water Treatment | Unloading | Freedom | Stretching | Spiral Dynamics