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The Sound of Silence

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A Yin Yoga Retreat with Maria Jamnik

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A weekend of modernity and history: We roll out the yoga mat in the Kaisersuite with a view of the Wörthersee. 

When the turquoise-blue Wörthersee comes to rest in autumn and the silence is reflected in nature, we will indulge in this unique atmosphere and indulge ourselves royally. Experience a quiet private immersion in a centuries-old popular noble refuge: Yin Yoga, meditation, wellness, fresh sea air and culinary highlights await us.  

Experience the space between individual thoughts and dive into your heart field.

Maria Jamnik from STUDIO herzfeld Graz is looking forward to accompanying you through this weekend on the yoga mat! Her teaching style is based on verbal instruction and makes it possible for you to simply close your eyes and focus completely on yourself. At Maria's all are welcome on the mat as they are, so no previous knowledge is necessary. You're you. With us.

Program: Luxury is attention

Off the mat, our retreats leave you enough space for everything that is good for you. 

Fri, 09.10.2020
17.00 - 19.00 Yin & Meditation

Sa, 10.10.2020
08.30- 09.30 Sun greetings deluxe
17.00 - 19.00 Yin & Meditation
19.30 Sauna infusion Sunday

Su, 11.10.2020
12.00 - 14.00 Yin&Meditation

No prior knowledge necessary. You are welcome as you are!  

About Maria

"Fu** being perfect"

Maria Jamnik is behind the STUDIO herzfeld and her unique team. Since 2013 Maria has been teaching Yoga classes, workshops and retreats in Falkensteiner Hotels and the Feuerberg Mountain Resort with warmth and deep respect for every human being. Their units are authentically lively and characterized by refreshing honesty and humorous motivation, which accompany them beyond the mat into everyday life. The passing on of the art of staying tuned and the power of realizing heart's desires in life are reflected in their classes. Inspiration and the connection to internationally renowned teachers like Suzanne Freiherz, Bryan Kest, Duncan Wong, Mark Whitwell and Jonah Kest accompany Maria's lessons in her heart.

We reserve the right to make short-term programme changes due to higher-ranking ordinances within the framework of the epidemic legislation.

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