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Time for silence by Maria Jamnik

The Kaisersuite in the Schlosshotel becomes our retreat in the quietest time of the year.


Hurry, appointments and errands, and above all the time pressure. In reality we all imagine the quietest time of the year differently. And yet, year after year, we get carried away. Not this year. This year everything is different. Let us enjoy what the Christmas season really wants to tell us: time for silence. Rediscover with us the tranquillity and contemplation of the most beautiful time of the year for yourself.

On the mat with Maria Jamnik

The focus is on the silent, regenerative Yin practice. Gentle, long stretches, without muscle tension, massage deep layers of the body. The connective, fascial and ligament tissue is strengthened and the joints mobilized. The nervous system is stimulated and relaxed. Regeneration and stress reduction for a powerful end-of-year spurt and an enjoyable Christmas.


Find your personal retreat away from the mat in a cuddly bathrobe at the slow.living Spa or during a walk by the lake. A special experience is the time in the bathtub with a unique view from your private retreat into nature. The Schlosshotel also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of culinary delights. The slow and deliberate enjoyment is at the top of the menu, which starts with breakfast with the best pancakes or an egg benedict ;-).

less is more.


You are welcome as you are and do not need any previous knowledge.

Our teaching style is simple and straightforward. It is based on verbal instruction and allows you to close your eyes and focus on yourself. You will receive many impulses and techniques that can be used in everyday life, which are integrated into the body through movements, breathing exercises and meditation. Afterwards you let your practice pulsate beyond the mat. Strength qualities within you, which nourish you off the mat: pleasure, calmness and patience.


Our retreats leave plenty of room for personal freedom. There is enough room for everything that is good for you. You decide what you need and create your personal balance between time together and moments just for you.


You would like to travel with an accompanying person but do not want to participate in the retreat program? We would be happy to make you an individual offer.


Early bird until 26.10.2020
double room 499,00 €
single room 579,00 €

Double room 549,00 €
Single room 629,00 €


Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden 5*
Velden am Wörthersee/Carinthia

Limited to 12 participants*.

Fully Booked

We reserve the right to make short-term programme changes due to higher-ranking ordinances within the framework of the epidemic legislation.

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