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Art & Living: "HUMAN" by Marion Rauter

Experience the art exhibition HUMAN by Marion Rauter in the rooms "Salons Restaurant & Atelier" from 01.10.2020 to 10.01.2021.

"Contrary to the fuss that our society makes about cult figures and sees only glamour as well as social rank, I am interested in the person behind the official image.

Mostly these biographies are connected by the fact that they have developed against the current, not denying themselves, into personalities that are characterized by a refreshing "normality". Simply being human.

You can find them everywhere - far away from glossy magazines - in everyday life!
Their successes and defeats are reflected in their faces - their attitude, in their eyes - this unbroken spirit can and should teach us to use our time.

Thus the portraits are to be understood as post-it's for self-reflection - a quiet invitation to question oneself. They are "reminders."

Marion Rauter
born in 1970
Freelance since 1995.
To be an artist - is a state of being. Or not!
Exhibition activity since 1991
numerous exhibitions at home and abroad and public purchases

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