Travelling with children is beautiful – of course the infrastructure, logistics and offers in the holiday hotel must be right. In Falkensteiner Family Hotels, you recognise the value of everyone's well-being on a family holiday at first glance: upon entering the room.

Because in our hotels, the "family rooms" aren't called family rooms for nothing. For instance, because in a children's hotel, we believe it is unacceptable to put children in beds that don't deserve the name as much as do the beds for adults: children's beds are not squeaky, collapsible, uncomfortable provisional arrangements, but actual genuine beds, of course. We understand that such beds need space. But we know something more: When travelling with children, space is crucial. Not only for good beds, but for everyone – and for everything: for the family, the clothes, the toys, the bits and bobs – space to live in. Space to feel good in. Space & room – there is an abundance of it in the children's hotels of the Falkensteiner Group.

"Space for children and families": the motto applies everywhere – not only in the rooms. This even applies to the wellness areas in Falkensteiner Family Hotels. Their design differs fundamentally from "classic" wellness and spa facilities. Because the adults want to find peace here and the little ones want to romp around to their heart's content. That works – as long as you do it smart: fantastic water worlds with giant slides, large indoor and outdoor adventure playgrounds and Falky Land's unique concept are designed specifically for the job. The kids have fun - and the adults right next door are not bothered or disturbed as they enjoy the relaxation and quiet of the Acquapura SPA.

Parents know one thing for sure: The true quality of a children's hotel shows in the little everyday things. A family hotel deserving of its name must offer everything for holidays with a toddler, too. In our hotels, it goes without saying that the Falkensteiner Family Hotel teams have everything handy that is needed daily when holidaying with a baby or little children. The hotel amenities range from nappy changing pads and bottle warmers to buggies, carriers and baby beds for the littlest ones, potties, nappy buckets, toilet seats for the little ones and high chairs in the restaurant to children's seats and helmets for the loan bicycles provided by the hotel.

Oftentimes, hotel dining with children can be a real challenge. For everyone involved. Falkensteiner Family Hotels are aware of that – and respond accordingly: in this context, satisfying the often differing tastes and preferences of parents and children is one the easiest tasks. But at Falkensteiner, children are even provided customised and perfect options when it comes to tableware, ambiance and service: What is eaten where, how and when, can be decided according to desire and mood. From dining with the parents to separate kids' food courts and buffets to "exclusive" dinner with the new friends at Falky Land. This is best to have when parents feel like indulging in a great time for two for a change, with a tasteful elegant candlelight dinner for two and a choice bottle of wine: This must, may, can and should be allowed every now and then. 


In Falkensteiner Family Hotels you will find the following amenities provided free of charge:


•    Baby beds
•    Bottle warmer & baby monitor
•    Baby bathtub & nappy changing pad
•    Nappy bucket
•    Baby buggy & baby back carrier


•    Children's potty
•    Children's high chair / stool
•    Children's booster seat
•    Children's toilet seat

Please understand that the amenities listed above can only be provided on request and according to availability. Kindly make reservations for these items prior to your arrival.