The Falkensteiner Hotels are renowned for wellness as well as for holidays with children. Two assets that can also be combined.
Children in the SPA area? Can this go well?
Yes, it can – and quite wonderfully so. It only has to be done right and one must know what one is doing when, where and how.

Where, if not in Falkensteiner Family Hotels do the competence and experience come together that are needed to create fantastic SPA experiences for children, too? For, on the one hand, with the brand "Acquapura SPA", the name Falkensteiner stands for theme leadership in wellness, massages and treatments at the highest level. The wellness professionals at Falkensteiner regularly win the most coveted and major SPA and wellness awards in Europe. On the other hand, the Falkensteiner hotel group has performed pioneering work on the subject of "holidays with children" with the Falky concept: We set and define the standards in both areas.

Combining these two core competencies and offering made-to-measure SPA delights to children on family holidays is actually pretty obvious. This is put into practice in the "Falky SPA".

The Falky wellness concept offers unique experiences for parents and children. The treatments are affectionate and geared to the children's age-appropriate wishes and needs. From the children's sauna and the children's steam bath with mild temperatures to the special child-friendly massages that – naturally – always take place in the company of a parent.

The positive effects of these shared feel-good treatments and massages are known: They promote the parent-child bond, help children come to rest, and improve the ability to concentrate.

The positive effect of massages is proven specifically in babies: Massaged babies cry less, are more attentive and curious. Massages promote many metabolic processes via the reflex zones of the hands and feet. They strengthen the immune system – and help prevent intestinal gas and colic.