Falky Club

welcome to the Club

In the Falky Club, Falky fans are always up-to-date.

Falky has fans. Many fans. We think that's great.
Fans want to know what their "star" is doing: They want to be kept up to date. 
That's why there is the "Falky Club" for all friends and fans of Falky. Everyone who has become fond of the falcon from Falky Land during a holiday, or in the internet, can become a club member. 


Naturally, Falky Club membership is free and doesn't commit you to anything. But there is a good deal of things to win:

  • First off, as a member of the Falky Club, you will receive your personal Club Card by post.
  • Once a year, Falky will send you the fun Falken Journal with lots of exciting reports, puzzles and craft ideas – and many stories about the most recent adventures and experiences of your friend in Falky Land.
  • There are also prize games. At which you can win all sorts of cool prizes.
  • The next time you spend your holiday with your parents, siblings or friends in Italy, Croatia, South Tyrol or Austria, in a hotel where Falky awaits you, then show your Falky Club Card at the reception – and you will receive a little surprise.
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