''Falky'' is more than a mascot: He stands for the children's programme at Falkensteiner – and is ''touchable''.

At Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, child friendliness and child-appropriate care on a family holiday have more than just a name. They also have a face: in the family hotels of the Falkensteiner Group, ''Falky'' is the very personification of everything that is important for holidays with children when it comes to games, fun, adventure, entertainment and the care of the most important people in the world – the children.

Originally "just" a mascot, Falky has long since become more than a brand or trademark. The plush bird with its giant head and friendly bumbling nature, considered disproportionate by parents in a cute way, sings, plays, cuddles and clowns around with the children. He explores with them, tells them stories and invites them on adventures in the city, by the sea or in the mountains. He is – in a positive sense – "touchable". As a friend, as a playmate, as a buddy, and as an integrating force.

Falky is someone the children remember: often children do not attach importance to the name of the family hotel or the place the family holiday was at. It is quickly forgotten. But emotions stay. They have memories of Falky, the Falky Dance, the Falky Song, Falky Land, the Falky SPA and all the cheerful mischief, the fun and playtime with the "bird". Happy memories – with that smile in the eyes and heart that matters most when one remembers the best days of childhood.

But "Falky" is much more than just a playmate. He is based on a high-quality didactic educational concept. Falky stands for the perfect training and continuous further training of all employees in the childcare areas and an enormous sense of responsibility for everything to do with children and the handling of children. It's true: The children don't care. But of course, the parents do. And, of course, the hoteliers and employees of the Falkensteiner Hotels also do: usually they are parents themselves and know how important it is to all parents in the world to know one thing: that their children are not just happy, but safe, too. In the best of hands.

There is a name, a face for that – and a character: Falky.