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27. May 2017

Once you discover the secret of active regeneration, you will never again want to miss out on that flow of balance and energy! Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach with its breath-taking vista is situated deep in the rolling hill country of South Burgenland and has the Stegersbacher Golfschaukel golf link right at its doorstep. Out hotel's slogan is "ME in the middle" and that takes us straight to our topic.

"tsar® is one of few treatment methods whose effects on the body are immediately noticeable. 15 minutes of tsar® have the same effect on body posture and muscle relaxation as 15 weeks of training." (Gerhard Mayer, discuss thrower and Olympic athlete)

Approximately one year ago, tsar® founder Sonja Ruprah-Weihs and I met for the first time and I remember vividly how I expected a sales pitch but then got the most unbelievable treatment of my life. I felt reinvigorated, lighter, relaxed, loosened up, full of energy, stimulated and the aches I had from my shoulder injury vanished.  

After only one hour of feel-good treatment. I was deeply impressed and the "tsar® virus" has held on to me ever since.

Soon all executives and SPA employees at the hotel had been "tsared".

What does tsar® do to us?

tsar® – the secret of active regeneration is an exceptional and highly effective concept. A programme for both connoisseurs and anyone who needs to regenerate after having gone through stressful times, but also for people who are hungry for exercise and want to enhance their performance and strength. 

To stay healthy, our body needs both exercise and relaxation. And this is exactly the rhythm that tsar® uses, because the programme is available both in a regenerative and in a stimulating version. So, on the one hand, the training concept is highly intense, activating muscles that are dormant and achieving improvements immediately in all training activities. On the other hand, it eases exhaustion and releases tension.

We know that even the slightest of asymmetries in the body can use up an unbelievable 80% more in energy. And tsar® is able to regain precisely this loss in energy - without any pressure, in a gentle, agreeable and highly efficient manner.
tsar® props the body back up and provides sustained power and performance before and after any physical or mental strain.

Before the treatment, a brief interview is conducted and a body scan is done. This is the stage in which asymmetries are identified and the course of the treatment is determined.

Lying on the floor in comfortable clothes, you will then be held and moved around gently and your body will be given stimuli in order to resolve the imbalance. You will virtually feel all the tensions melt away. Symmetries will be re-established and your body will be teeming with energy – almost like magic.

tsar® at Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach
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What's behind tsar®?

Over the past 10 years, she has been quietly and discreetly helping lots of people improve their life quality and surprises everyone with her innovative ideas in matters relating to exercise and regeneration, both in top-level sports as well as in the wellness sector. Sonja Ruprah-Weihs, who developed tsar®, the secret of active regeneration, has come up with a completely new approach where the body is regenerated in such a manner that tensions and performance loss are overcome in no time.

Sonja Ruprah-Weihs has a background in the sport of ballet and was considered an exceptional talent in the field. After many years of practicing up to 7 hours a day, she came to know what it means when your body is simply no longer able to cope. Due to her health issues, she had to give up top-level sports. She puts it in a nutshell:

"I know what it's like when your mind is willing, but your body simply isn't up to it any more. As it turns out, there are exercises that help regenerate your body within minutes, enhance your flexibility and give your body new strength so that it is again able to give its all!"

"I have a vision: especially in our day and age, we want to show everyone - no matter whether overworked pencil pushers, mothers juggling between office and kids, top athletes who are simply replaced once they fail to perform - how easy it is to regenerate and prevent a break-down, while discovering the potential that's in them! Regeneration is what we have set out to revolutionise. There are lots of scientific tools that analyse the body's rhythm, but we've lost this natural rhythm in recent years."

The intense training the Acquapura SPA team underwent with Sonja Ruprah Weihs was great fun and completely changed a number of the beliefs some people held, such as when it came to right and wrong breathing, stretching and flexing in a manner that goes easy on the spine and some other old wisdoms.

For several months now, we have been offering guests staying with us the possibility of immersing in the secret of active regeneration. Active training is available for free as part of the daily sports and activity programme and prices for a tsar® treatment start at € 96.

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