Three cheers for Molly the First!

08. July 2017

Softly she skimmed over the water, her wooden hull rose majestically above the waterline and the pirates were in awe of her beauty. There she stood, our Molly, pride of the pirates at Falkensteiner Family Hotel Lido Ehrenburgerhof, waiting to fulfil her destiny.

After many months of busy tinkering behind closed doors, of dreams becoming ideas, ideas being put down on paper, paper landing in the bin and new plans being put into action, the task was finally complete: our Molly was anchored lazily before the terrace with all eyes on her.

A solemn boat naming ceremony just wouldn’t be complete without a number of basic fixtures: the boat or pirate raft (basic prerequisite no. 1), the name (no baptism without a name), the godmother or godfather and guest of honour (just as obvious), the guests (if wouldn't be any fun otherwise), the blessing and the good wishes, and, of course, a glass of Falkensteiner Prosecco to propose a toast with (for good form).

Blessed with good weather by Zeus, the father of all gods, the pirates under Captain Georg Weitlaner assembled ahead of the evening meal. Together, we hearkened to the words of godfather Erich Falkensteiner in person and joined him in his wishes:

"It shall be your ambition and pride to defy the stormy winds and lull of the sea.

Brave the perils of the stormy sea and always overcome the adversities of the seasons - may neither wind nor heat nor snow stop you."

Then we were asked by Captain Georg: “Have you chosen a good name for the boat?” "YESSS!“ it resounded over the sea.

"A dignified godfather and pearly wine to celebrate the occasion?" “HOHOHO!” the pirates laughed.

“In the name of Neptune, the god of the oceans and Lido Lake, I hereby give you the name Molly the First, the Beautiful!” “Hip, hip, hooray, HOORAY!”

After this merry christening by Erich Falkensteiner and Pirate Veit, the youngest among the guests took to the stage. Together with Falky and their carers, this pack of little pirates had prepared a wonderful dance performance to the hit “Piratentanz” (Pirate Dance). Naturally, everyone rocked along vigorously, clapped and filmed the event. To the music of "Jack Sparrows", the pirates stormed the raft and headed out for Molly's maiden trip, earning roaring applause from the landlubbers assembled before them.

Then, a snack was served comprising a prickling pirate aperitif, sea-finger-food and fruity Caribbean delights.

Molly now lies anchored in Lake Lido, eager to set out for numerous adventures with Falky and his pirate folks, enjoy some balmy summer nights and admire lots of wonderful sunsets on the horizon.

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