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29. April 2017

Sightseeing, shopping and wellness – you'll find all of that and more in Leoben when you come to stay with us! Leoben is known not only as a mining hub, beer city or student city, but also for its cityscape that combines urban flair with regional identity. Today, we are happy to take you on a discovery tour of this delightful city.

The starting point for our sightseeing tour is in front of Falkensteiner Hotel & Asia Spa Leoben. From here we amble through the park towards the city centre. With a bit of luck, the cherry trees are blossoming and you suddenly no longer feel like you are in Leoben, but in a gorgeous park somewhere in Japan.

Little Asia in Big Styria – true to this motto, we arrive at our first landmark: the Chinese Gate. As a token of the long-standing partnership with the Chinese city of Xuzhou, the Gate was presented to the City of Leoben and built as a gift and built. Legend has it that passing through the Gate brings you luck.

This is certainly not the only park in Leoben. During the summer months, joggers, sunbathers, families and students also flock to Gärnerpark, Glacis Stadtpark with its view of Massenburg Castle, and Peter-Tunner-Park. In Peter-Tunner-Park you will find part of the old city walls, the Peter Tunner monument along with a bust of Archduke John of Austria and another of the eminent Styrian poet Peter Rosegger.

From here, it's only a stone's throw from here to Oppenheim’s sculpture in front of the new town hall. The Oppenheim sculpture is approx. 8 metres high and entitled "Double Wedding.” In the summer months, a water feature offers respite, inviting visitors to linger and listen.

The next stop takes you to MuseumsCenter and Kunsthalle. MuseumsCenter showcases the history of Leoben and the region under the motto "7 tracks into the past". The historical highlights of the city's 1,100-year history are presented here. From May 2017, Kunsthalle will be staging a new exhibition: "Hoffungs(t)raum PHANTASTISCH“ – a journey through Fantastic Art. Visitors will be treated to a unique exhibition experience from national and international museums and collections ­– a must-see for anyone stopping by Leoben.

After so much information and so many impression, it's time for a short coffee break and sit-down. We recommend Cafe Styria. Delicious coffee and tea can be enjoyed right by the Mur River or on the promenade - time to process the impressions of the day and enjoy the warm tickle of the sun.

Then the tour continues in full swing to the "Glück Auf" statue in front of Water Lily House. A city with a long mining tradition would just not be complete without a resounding "Glück Auf!". It's the traditional send-off greeting for miners wishing each other good luck.

"Glück auf!" in Leoben!
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Only a few steps further, is the "Zum Greif" guesthouse - an institution in Leoben with its famous "Pestluk’n". When the plague was raging ("Pest" in German), food was passed through this hatch (locally called "Luk'n") to those who had fallen ill. The guesthouse is highly recommended, particularly in the summer when great Styrian cuisine is served on the outdoor patio.

When we cross back over the bridge - known as Waasenbrücke - we can already make out Leoben's landmark – the city tower, affectionately called "Schwammerlturm" or mushroom tower. The tower used to be part of the city's fortification and is Leoben's only old city gate that survived to this day. A café is located in the upper floor - it offers a 360° view of Leoben and surroundings. This café should be a fixture on any visit to Leoben.

From here, it takes only a few minutes to the main square. On our way, we pass by impressive building fronts, the City Theatre and small shops. You'll want to pop into the different stores, window-shop or unwind in one of those hip cafés for hours on end.

Apropos of window-shopping, LCS Zentrum is on the main square in the city centre. A must for any shopping enthusiast! This shopping centre has lots of different renowned shops, but also lots of exclusive and exceptional stores, such as Schokoria Elisabeth or Custom Tailoring Worschner with made-to-measure clothes, including traditional costumes.

Leoben's main square is the city's beating heart and soul. This is where you meet up, go for lunch or dinner and go out at night. There is always something going on! In the summer, the terraces of cafés and ice-cream parlours are chock-full, there are lots of events, such as the Street Food Festival, the Leoben Wine Festival, the LE Marathon, the LE-Music Night and, not to forget, the Advent Market.

Naturally, there are lots of cultural sights to discover, too: the fountains Bergmannsbrunnen and Engelsbrunnen but also Pestsäule, a trinity column erected to celebrate the end of the plague that struck the area. Hacklhaus with the city's most important Baroque front: In this building, the stairwell ceiling is covered in paintings of the famous Austrian artist Johann Max Tendler. The main square is also adorned by the old historical town hall building with its frieze of coats of arms.

Our insider tip:

To round out the evening, Café Bellini offers delectable cocktails with a view of the entire main square.

For all those who fancy a hot meal, we recommend the restaurant "In der Au" with its Mediterranean cuisine, the pizzeria "San Marco" or the restaurant at "Schwarzer Adler" which serves up exquisite Styrian delicacies.

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