The Happiness Provider of Punta Skala

04. March 2018

He anticipates all our guests’ needs!

Job titles sometimes sound wired and create a question mark in our minds. People play and experiment with words to let the title sound even more modern, outstanding and exciting. In the best case, job titles make people want to find out what they actually mean. I chose the most interesting job title at Falkensteiner and asked the person behind this job.

Carlos Luis Quitana is our Happiness Provider at our Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera in Croatia. I would describe him as the personification of our slogan Welcome Home, because Carlos makes someone really feel at home. Although it has already been one year since I was a guest at our hotel Iadera, Carlos always remembers my favorite cocktail. It does not matter in which season you visit the Iadera, Carlos is always happy and greets you with a big smile on his face. He really spreads this positive atmosphere throughout the whole hotel. This attitude makes you feel even more relaxed. But I asked myself, what exactly does a Happiness Provider do at Falkensteiner?

For this position you especially need an eye for details, the passion for providing an excellent service and proactivity. Moreover, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected. Without these requirements it can be quite hard to work as a Happiness Provider, enjoying it or even loving it.

Because as a Happiness Provider Carlos has to anticipate guests’ needs. That could be a favorite cocktail served at your sun lounger without having ordered it, or recommendations for hotel activities, short trips and more. Sometimes it is about caring and showing interest. Carlos is a master in remembering guest names and their wishes. Our guests visit the hotel Iadera to escape from a stressful life and find emotions there. Carlos is helping you with that. Our 5* hotel is also a popular spot for a lot of celebrities, meaning it can sometimes be really exciting to work there. You never know who you will meet next.

Carlos was very proud of meeting his football idols. One day they just appeared in front of him - Luka Modrić und Lothar Matthäus. Both stars spent their vacation in the Iadera and therefore were Carlos’s guests. Not only was Carlos able to meet them in person, he could also offer his excellent service and “Make people happy!” – The most challenging and important goal of Carlos. But for him it is equally most rewarding to make the hotel guests happy.

Originally, Carlos is from Venezuela. He came to Croatia as he fell in love with a Croatian. For more than 20 years, Carlos has now been working in the hospitality industry. He already worked in different bars, restaurant, on cruise lines and hotels, before he decided to come to Zadar. He chose the hospitality industry because he loves to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. Because when our guests are happy, Carlos is also happy as well. 

Carlos is one of our most popular employees. You will find more details about his story in one of our 38 Whatchado videos. There he answers further questions about his background, also looking back on advices that he would give his 14 year-old self. He says that it is important to “Aim high, practice more and play hard every day”. A great video to get to know Carlos. 

All in all Carlos describes his job as a combination of teamwork, empathy and service. I am happy that Carlos has been part of our Falkensteiner team for quite a long time and I wish him lots of exciting and great guest experiences for the upcoming year.

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