The Faces of Capo Boi

29. July 2017

In Sardinia at Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi, the focus is above all on people. On our guests. And, frankly speaking, sometimes also on animals.

First off, there is, of course, the management. The hotel director of Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi and his staff. A hotel, a resort, regardless of its size and category, is like a ship, that can only sail safely if the captain knows exactly what he or she wants and what he or she is doing. And has a team of officers and adjutants around him that he can blindly trust. Because everyone knows what to do when, how and where and because, particularly during stressful times, the wave of a hand or the wink of an eye must suffice to avoid running aground.

And it is reassuring to the passengers to see the captain on the promenade deck sometimes, too, and not just on the bridge from a distance: To talk to him. To be able to ask questions and to get answers. And to do so at eye level.

Hotels are very like ships in this respect. Andrea Prevosti, the "captain" of Capo Boi, is exactly that type: quiet, calm, but self-confident and experienced on the job. For the resort guests, the "General Manager", which is the official, admittedly slightly unromantic title for the hotel boss, is always approachable on any subject and in 1001 languages: "It's the seemingly little things that make the difference", says the 53-year-old father of two children, speaking from many years of professional experience. "And that's exactly why there is no matter too insignificant for a GM". I cannot possibly know everything right away or solve everything myself, but I can ensure that it is taken care of. And, in fact, that's precisely what matters to our guests: The feeling that they and their concerns are taken seriously and that they are in good hands."

But actually, it is the employees who give a hotel a heart and soul. The most fabulous, beautiful hotel would be nothing without its people who are there for others. Therefore, it is even more important for a director - pardon: General Manager - to have the right team by his side.

Making no claim to completeness - which would be impossible anyway, given that the overall number of employees is 150 -  we would like to showcase a few very different people who work at Capo Boi.


ELISA - the Concierge

"A concierge", says Elisa laughing, "is not a receptionist." Because "it is, of course, perfectly natural" for the concierge to provide assistance, also when guests are seeking help at the reception regarding issues immediately concerning the hotel. Nevertheless, a concierge's job is defined differently: "I take care of everything our guests want to do outside, so outside of Capo Boi", explains the 28-year-old, who has been working at the Falkensteiner Resort since May 2017. Prior to that, incidentally, Elisa, born and bred in Sardinia, spent a few years travelling and training. For instance, she spent the last four in Dubai - including at the reception of some of the most famous hotels of the Gulf state.

Now Elisa has returned. Home. And the guests of the Falkensteiner Family Premium Resort benefit enormously from the fact that she knows Sardinia in general and the region around Capo Boi at least as well as the inside of her pocket. Elisa organises whatever the guests would like to do. From the boat trip to the nearby coves, guided VIP tours to Cagliari and to nearby Villasimius or individual trips and outings or restaurant and shopping trips, car and bicycle rentals. When it comes to these things, Elisa is fast, efficient and friendly. And has learned one thing: to listen. "Often, I hear between the lines what the guests really want, but haven't even defined yet for themselves."

Like those guests who, after a wine and spirits tasting, thanked her for the great experience and chatted with her about their interest in how the local cheese is made. Elisa picked up the phone, and the next day, the family had a visit to the "cheese dairy" on their agenda.

Or the family fathers who would have liked to go fishing, while the rest of the family wanted to go swimming. Elisa made a phone call and the gentlemen ended up spending the following day on a real, authentic fishing boat. "They hardly understood a word and didn't catch a fish all day, but I have rarely seen such happy faces."

And that's exactly what matters to Elisa: "What I like most about my job?" To see that I can make other people happy."

ARKEN - the childminder

Of course, every guest is important. But most important of all are the children. That's why it is anything but inconsequential to whom we entrust our greatest treasure in the world - and Arken is well aware of this responsibility. The art of the job, of being the boss of "Falkyland", is to make sure your team radiates ease and cheerfulness in their dealings with children and parents, and yet never loses track of things. To know the responsibility that comes with welcoming and caring for children, ensuring that, off the bat, they feel as safe and secure as they do at home, in a place that is, at least initially, unfamiliar to them.

Arken himself doesn't even know in how many languages he can say "Welcome Home!", but he quotes and follows this motto perfectly, in the language that matters most and that every child understands: the language of open-hearted warmth.

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SANDRO - the Gardener

Sandro has always been here, or so it seems. And he always seems to be around, too. Which is probably not unusual for a gardener. After all, a good gardener is part of his garden. Not only does he know every tree, bush and blade, he also knows what grows when, where and how and what things looks like underneath. Sandro doesn't need a map to know where the water and other pipes are in and around the most beautiful hotel in Sardinia. He doesn't need the Internet, apps or the weather report to know when sun, wind or rain will come or, as a result, when what task needs to be done in the garden, i.e. the wide green areas of Capo Boi.

But there's something else: Sandro belongs here. He was born here. He knows the people of the region, their peculiarities and habits. Knows how to talk to them, negotiate with them and avoid misunderstandings. Sardinia is an island. A world of its own, with its own rules. A promise and a handshake at eye level count more here than contracts, notarial acts and official letters.

These rules, this etiquette cannot be studied to be mastered, they need to be lived and one needs to have grown up with them from early childhood. This requires roots that reach deep down into Sardinian soil. Sandro has these roots. He comes from here and he is a gardener. So, he knows how important roots are and how to tend them: Without him, a lot would be different here. Some things wouldn't even be possible. And by this, I mean more than just plants.

MARCO SERRA - the Ice-Cream Man

There is ice cream - and there is Italian ice cream. And then there is Marco Serra. Marco Serra is known among international ice-cream connoisseurs as the best ice-cream maker in Italy. So, of the world. Starting now, his ice cream is available to enjoy at Capo Boi. In fact, it is available exclusively to the guests of Falkensteiner Premium Family Resort on the most beautiful holiday island in the Mediterranean. Because Marco Serra has established a classy little ice-cream parlour in Capo Boi. Up by the infinity pool, right next to the pizzeria. But in fact, it isn't a gelateria, it's an artist's workshop. Because ice cream by Marco Serra is art.

The ice-cream machine alone, that Serra brought with him, cost € 50,000 -, but that, explains the King of Italian gelati, is not what matters: "What matters is what you put into this machine. The quality of the ingredients." Marco Serra does not use dyes or additives. No stabilizers, no chemicals. His ice cream is pure, pristine and natural. In a nutshell: It is authentic - because it is made with the heart and soul. Of course, the ice-cream machine is also important. But anyone could buy it - and still not conjure up the ice cream that Marco Serra does in Capo Boi.



All the cuisine threads in Capo Boi come together where Massimiliano Balia is: Everything depends on how the Chef de Cuisine, the top chef, perfectly motivates and guides his team. And that is why, in a premium resort like Capo Boi, with its international, travelled and discerning audience, you need more than a cook who knows his way around Italian cuisine with his eyes shut. What you need is someone with a creative mind, yet whose feet remain firmly rooted in the ground. An artist, yet one who does not get lost in the art, but always keeps the audience in mind. A practitioner with "hands-on" qualities. A perfectionist, who plans things down to minute detail, but who can also improvise. A conductor. And a team player.

Massimiliano is all that - and much more. Among other things, you will be hard put to find anyone else in Sardinia who knows more about fish and their preparation than he does. Someone, who during fish tastings, for instance, can talk, in Italian, about the various types of tuna there are here in Capo Boi with so much enthusiasm that even people who do not speak a single word of Italian will understand what Massimiliano is talking about. About types of fish and sustainable fishing methods as well as about how to prepare and enjoy them.

Fish tastings?? Yes, because at "L'osteria del mare", the new "Seafood Salumeria" of Capo Boi, directly above the beach, Massimiliano invites diners to the table for informal, casual noon meals. And after he is done recounting, he does what he does even better than talking about fish. He prepares them.

FALKY - the Institution

Anyone at Falkensteiner who says "children", says "Falky" in the same breath: The bumbling falcon is as much a part of Falkensteiner's inventory as are the beds, towels, and china. Not only in the most beautiful hotel in Sardinia, but since forever in every Falkensteiner Family Hotel. And wherever Falky the mascot turns up, dancing and playing with the children or getting smothered in hugs, he captures every heart. Not just those of the children. It's just that kids have fewer inhibitions, or actually none at all when it comes to flinging their arms around the merry character's neck or wings as soon as he shows himself.

But there are beaming parents, too: Falky is a guarantee for child- and age-appropriate care for the young ones. Capo Boi offers just the right and professional childcare for all ages, from tiny tots to teenagers. Be it outdoors - in Falkyland with its pools and water worlds. Or indoors, if the children have had enough sun or if it happens to rain. And in the evenings, the resort even offers babysitting (for a fee).

Falky stands for all of this - and much, much more. Because Falky is the personified commitment to the value that stands above everything, not only in Capo Boi, but in the entire Falkensteiner Universe: Family.  


ANGELINO - the Donkey

Aside from the feathered Falky, there is another star and favourite among the children: Angelino, the donkey. The young two-year-old donkey was the first "resident" of the petting zoo in Capo Boi, located right next to Falkyland. This is where the "Heartbreaker of Capo Boi" lives with his family – father, mother and little sister – and appreciates every single visit. Guests can get into his good books by bringing him a little gift when they drop in for a visit – something edible would do nicely, thank you. Then posing for the camera will be a breeze, too.

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