Summer is drawing near, anticipation is high!

06. May 2017

Everyone says, anticipation is the sweetest form of pleasure. And now, as summer is fast approaching even at Lake Garda, I can hardly wait to bask in balmy temperatures, stroll along the lakeside and spend heaps of time outdoors.

I am particularly looking forward to the opening of the Falkensteiner Apartments Lake Garda on 18 May 2017. Refreshed and with new energy, we will again be welcoming guests from around the world to Lake Garda.

In hindsight, the winter at Lake Garda has its particular charm as well. Although the apartment complex was closed, there was lots to do. So, I spent lots of time in Moniga.

The mist on some November days was virtually impenetrable, shrouding the area in a blanket of deep grey. Wonderful, sunny days followed in December with temperatures rising to over 15°C. Christmas shopping in the vibrantly-lit streets and alleys of Desenzano presented an appealing, colourful opportunity. The Christmas lights, the life-size figures of the Christmas crib, splendidly decorated Christmas trees everywhere created a delightful atmosphere. There was even a bit of snowfall in January. I have never before seen the water in the lake so clear and sparkle that way.

Gradually, the warmth of the sun's rays rekindles life in both people and nature and I look forward to spending a summer at the Falkensteiner Apartments Lake Garda. There is so much to do, see and discover here.

A walk along Moniga harbour, an aperitif and snack... a real Mediterranean treat.

Taking a ride with a rented motor boat is a wonderful experience and allows you to explore hidden places and coves around Lake Garda. A dip into the lake's cool water is a must for anyone spending their holiday here.

Every year, "Gardaland" awaits with lots of new attractions: even faster, even steeper, even more of an adrenaline rush. A visit to "Parco Sigurtá" is also worthwhile: no matter whether I wish to amble through the delightful gardens or rest on one of the park's benches and enjoy the sun. A tour by car or on foot through Parco Natura Viva with its menagerie of African animals from monkeys to giraffes is also an absolute must this summer.

Culture buffs love to visit Lake Garda, too. Some of the splendid palazzi or the many castelli in the region, watching over the picturesque villages from atop their perches, can be viewed from the inside. The famous surrounding cities of Brescia, Verona and Milan also offer architectural highlights that make the hearts of all shopping lovers beat faster.  

So, you see: there's always something exciting happening and the wide-ranging attractions and opportunities around Falkensteiner Apartments Lake Garda will make you want to come again.

I look forward to sharing these impressions with our guests and will be happy to welcome you… full of anticipation!

Hannelore Hilpold
Front Office Manager Falkensteiner Apartments Lake Garda

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