Sports at Falkensteiner

23. July 2017

Doing sports – an incredibly important activity that each one of us should integrate into our daily lives as much as possible. At Falkensteiner, sports play an important role too: they are one of the hotel group's trademarks.

Several weeks ago, I was allowed to spend 4 days at Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf with my cousin Raphael, Tobi and Joel from fitnap, Markus aka “Der Steira”, Ana from Ana's Fashionality and their friend Florentina. True to the motto "Sports at Falkensteiner", we tried our hand at a number sports that I had never tried before.

After arriving and a quick check-in, we were given a tour of the premises and then had dinner with the entire group, which I had been looking forward to all day. What I liked most, in addition to the great food and the super service: we received a new Polar M200 as a "small" welcome gift!

The next day, the sports program started!

Archery with the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Carinzia was on the morning program. Since I have never tried out this sport before and I didn't even know how to hold a bow correctly, I wasn't quite sure I'd enjoy it. Following a brief introduction, we tried our hand at shooting the first arrows. After a few misses, everyone pretty much got the knack of things and was game for a little battle in order to find out who would be the next Robin Hood. The upshot: it was actually really cool and lots of fun.

After lunch, it was boot camp time. This time around with Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bad Leonfelden. High intensity training, a racing pulse and the midday sun – just the right thing for me!

As the workout was quite tough, in fact, we had honestly earned a few hours at Acquapura SPA and the dinner afterwards with one, two (or even more) glasses of beer.

Day three also had a number of interesting sports on the agenda!

Yoga in the morning makes for a better day. "Yoga is just the right thing after an intense boot camp regimen and a night that was perhaps a bit too long.“ At least that's what I thought. To the surprise of everyone, the coach from Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden was incredibly demanding, but also very instructive! I found out – not without a bit of pain and hard work – what my strengths and weaknesses are and what I can do to make up for them.

After the yoga session, we had a picnic and then immediately started out on our smovey session. This time, the hotel's own coach taught us. I, and presumably most of you, have never heard of smovey before.

This relatively new trend sport is played using two rings consisting of spiral tubes. On the inside, the rings have four steel balls that produce vibrations when they move. The smoveyVIBROSWING is a very versatile sports device that can be used for different sports activities – when walking, giving a massage, practicing your coordination, and so on.

At the end of the day, we headed for the to the adjacent golf course. Like in archery, I was an absolute beginner in this sport, too. Well, perhaps not quite. I had, of course, played minigolf occasionally before. But after playing the first few balls, it soon became clear that it was nothing like minigolf. Although it was incredibly difficult and I was able to hit the ball only every now and then, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The upshot: after 60 swings and misses, my arm was about to fall off. One thing's for sure: I'm definitely no Tiger Woods!

We wrapped up the stay having dinner with the other bloggers in a relaxed atmosphere and, sadly,  on Thursday, it was time to head home again.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Falkensteiner Hotels for the invitation and everyone else who joined in the fun! It was really a wonderful trip and a great opportunity for me to try out new types of sports.

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