Love goes deep

01. April 2017

The most beautiful thing by the sea is … That's right: the sea. Blue and calm. Endless. Full of life. Always moving. And there is a certain magic about it: something you sense from the shore, from the boat or when you're out on a regular swim. Fascination. This feeling of abundance: without water, we are nothing. We come from the water. We – for the most part – consist of water. Water is everywhere. Water is life. Not only on this planet – but in the entire universe: if there is life anywhere else, it would have to be where there is water.

I am a water person. I've always been one. For 1001 reasons. And I was lucky enough to be able to make this passion that I have for water, for the sea, for everything that you get to see and experience in this large habitat on earth my job. My calling: I'm a diver.

Without exaggeration, I can say that I've dived everywhere. I've set up world records, undertaken and survived adventures – but that's not what we're here for today. What we want to talk about is: joy. About enthusiasm. Well, and about – love. I hope and I can confirm that I haven't become disinterested despite the many dives I've been on. I can get all excited like a small kid and know what a privilege it is to experience and see the world as I do.

That's why being invited by Falkensteiner to Sardinia is a very special treat: for one, because I just can't refuse getting pampered at a first-rate, brand-new super resort that offers the full range. Secondly, it's because I discovered my love for diving here as a kid – on this island in the Mediterranean.

At first sight of the map, my heart started to race: some of the most incredible diving spots of the entire Mediterranean are located around Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi. Here, on Sardinia's southern coast, there is a diversity and beauty in the underwater landscapes and fauna that you won’t find anymore anywhere else.

It goes without saying that when you're invited to check out and scrutinise the diving grounds (and the resort) you'll say: "Yes, I accept".

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Here – on Sardinia and especially in the area off Capo Boi – you can do all the kinds of diving that I love: with a scuba tank – but also without. Free diving is what divers like me enjoy, where we get to swim to great depths or over long distances without a breathing apparatus. But snorkelling, the "gateway drug", works perfectly well here, too: paradise literally begins right in front of the resort – and because the sea is only five or six meters deep, beginners get to experience and enjoy the wonders of the underwater world straight away.

That I get to come back to Sardinia and have this opportunity to share and show guests staying at Falkensteiner Resort on Capo Boi what I am so passionate about makes me happy – right after my first few dives, I knew: what the sea has to offer here is absolutely and completely stunning. Because the diving grounds off Capo Boi are an underwater nature reserve. A healthy, intact world - with a diversity in fish and plants that can hardly be found elsewhere in the Mediterranean anymore.

Usually, you would have to fly around half the world to experience something similar - and then, once you arrive, you still have that arduous boat ride to the diving grounds ahead of you. Here, at Capo Boi everything is right in front of you.

Within easy reach for you – as a non-professional diver – because you're holidaying there anyway: directly in front of the hotel's own beach. All you need to do is: check it out for yourself. Give it a try. Take the first step. The most beautiful thing by the sea is … That's right: the sea. And not only on the surface, that's for sure.


Here you will find more infos for diving and the Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi.

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