Legendary Nature

25. June 2017

In a place where nature shows itself from its mystical side, it’s no surprise that legends run rampant and tales abound around Terenten's main attractions. Chilling stories are told and passed down from generation to generation.

This is what inspired Terenten primary school kids to create Legend Trail near their village based on the region's old lore. Just like every South Tyrolean village, Terenten has its own stories about ghosts, witches and the like. To make sure these fantastic tales are not lost to time, you are invited to take an adventure hike across the village and find out more about these myths on site.

The trail starts out at the village centre and takes you to the Englalm alpine pasture where ghosts once threw hot stones onto the roof of the cottage and only stopped after the priest came to bless the building. It then continues to Hexenstein Rock - this is where witches are said to have gathered in the night to join the devil for a dance, leaving behind their footprints. Old dairymen and women maintain that Hexenstein was not only a venue for witches' sabbaths but also for drunken revels, apparently during the night and at the time of the summer solstice. At any rate, anyone who looks closely will notice little strange-looking round craters on the surface of the oblong rock even today...

From here, the trail takes you to Teufelstein Rock, which the devil intended to throw down onto the village. However, when the church bells began to ring suddenly, he is said to have dropped the rock in the middle of the forest. If you look closely, you can still see the grooves of the chains used to pull the rock.

The descent will take you to Aschburg, where legend has it that robber barons occasionally waylaid wandering traders. Guggenschlössl is the final stop, where age-old ruins can still be found.

Does that sound exciting? It certainly is! Both for kids and adults. Legend Trail in Terenten offers you an opportunity to discover and explore the region in a different, playful and mystical way. And every so often you may encounter a native or two who will tell you the stories so vividly, just as if they had experienced them themselves! ;)

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