Full Metal Mountain at Nassfeld

05. May 2017

Our marketing manager Bettina Weber from Aktiv-Resort at Nassfeld shares with us her impressions of the second Full Metal Mountain Festival at Nassfeld.

The signs are promising and in a few days the Full Metal Mountain Festival will begin. This Metal Music Festival is being held in our region at Nassfeld for the second time. For me as a local, it really is special to have this large event take place in our region. And as a staff member of Base Camp for all the big stars and starlets, I feel even more a part of this event.

There are always great shows and events happening here in our region, around Hotel & Spa Carinzia – but the Full Metal Mountain festival is still something very special for all of us.

The whole region, locals, guests, and even employees find themselves captivated. There are Full Metal Mountain shirts for all the employees and there is metal music playing in the hotel all day long - which, to my surprise, I find quite varied.

"With Full Metal Mountain, we combine elements that just go together well: a music festival with various locations, with international bands, partying with like-minded people, wellness, and of course winter sports in all its aspects. And all this against the imposing backdrop of the snow-covered Alps", says co-founder Holger-Hübner, describing the winter event. Holger Hübner knows exactly what he is talking about, after all he is the founding father of the world's largest heavy metal festival in North Germany's Wacken with 80,000 to 100,000 guests annually.

While our Metal Festival here at Nassfeld is not quite as large as Wacken yet, who knows what lies in store for this spectacular event in the coming years ...

With approx. 2,000 guests, things will really take off again this year. We, for our part, are ready to roll: The flags are flying, our brand is on display in front of the hotel, and everyone is already elated about the great weather and the perfect forecast - it's going to be a solid week of sunshine!

And then, finally, the wait is over: It's Monday and the people fondly referred to as "Mountainers" and the bands start moving in to launch into the event week with full force on Tuesday. There will be rocking, partying, and heavy metaling going on in many different locations.

The Millennium Express takes passengers up to the Peak Stage straight from the hotel. At 2,000 metres altitude, right next to the mountain station at the top of the mountain, an insanely gorgeous mountain panorama awaits that is difficult to beat and has large numbers of visitors in raptures every day - not only during FMM. This is where the programme begins, every day already at noon, and it's also the perfect location for sun worshippers. But the effects of the sun up here in the high mountains at an altitude of 2,000 metres should by no means be underestimated: After my little trip to the mountain, I ended up setting out for home with a sun-singed nose.

The programme at the Mountain Stage, right by Tressdorfer Alm, is nothing to be sneezed at and should not be missed under any circumstances. In the summer, this is where cows graze, goats are milked, and delicious cream cheese and the Gailtaler mountain cheese originate. But at the moment, everything is all about the metalheads and plenty of partying. Food and drink for the party revellers is also provided. The fare has been transported up the mountain specifically for the benefit of the metalheads. Everything is freshly barbecued in the oven and prepared to blissful perfection. So it's absolutely worth taking a culinary break. And after a long night spent dancing, you will be needing something hearty to eat - and if the party gets started all over again while you are going about it, it'll just taste that much better.

On the trip back down to the valley, there is time to check the evening's programme, and then to rest up for the big party in the Metal Tent in the evening with a soothing wellness and relaxing feel-good treatment.

The members of the crew are also relaxing in our garden, recharging their batteries and getting ready to give it their all again when evening comes. In my opinion, the typical "headbanging" is one the most exhausting "dance moves" that I tried during this festival.

The big party starts in the evening, in the large tent right next to my workplace. Personally, I liked the performance of "Blaas of Glory" best, whom I had the honour to experience live on Peak Stage.

And here's another thing that holds true for us here at Nassfeld: After FMM is before FMM and I already tremendously look forward to rocking Nassfeld with more than 2,000 metalheads next year. You can already secure your tickets for 2018 now! More information at https://www.full-metal-mountain.com/

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