Bratislava, Beauty on the Danube

28. June 2017

Welcome to Bratislava, the Little Big City, or as it is also called, Beauty on the Danube. Although this lovely city is rather small, it has something for everyone. Especially when the weather is hot and sunny, there are hundreds of different opportunities. And the best thing about it: everything is close by and within easy reach. One minute you get to enjoy historic old town. The next, you get to go on a bike tour and explore the city’s natural surroundings.

Once you arrive in Bratislava – whether by plane, train, bus or car – it takes you no time to get to the city centre where Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava is located. What next? How about a visit to famous Bratislava Castle? After you’ve enjoyed that breath-taking view of the Castle from our Acquapura City SPA, there will be no stopping you from wanting to visit in person.

Talking of castles: have you heard of Devin Castle and its Currant Festival? Make sure you stop by and try the traditional local wine made of red and black currants. The production of currant wine is closely associated with the town of Devin and goes back many years. In addition to fresh currants and currant wine, there’s more to try out and buy: currant syrup, currant jam, currant cake and lots of other currant delights besides. This year, the event is scheduled to take place at the foot of Devin Castle on Saturday, July 15th. Wines from the Bratislava Region are another good reason to visit the area. J

Devin is also known as a ‘tripoint’ where the borders of three countries meet. Located on Slovakia’s borders with Austria and Hungary, Bratislava is the only national capital that borders two countries. Did you know that Bratislava and Vienna are the closest capitals in the world, separated only by 66 kilometres? 

Traditional cuisine in Bratislava combines the influences of both neighbouring countries. An excellent example of this influence is the delightful crescent-shaped pastry “Bratislavský rožok” with its poppy seed or walnut filling and its glossy, marbled surface.

There is certainly no lack of eating establishments in Bratislava. So, grab a “Bratislavský rožok” and savour the local wine while strolling through the old town of our Little Big City.

When you get to the city centre, you will certainly have a chance to meet him – Cumil, the Man at Work. He has been ‘working’ here since 1997 and is the city’s most photographed statue. It is said that if you make a wish and touch his head, the wish will come true for you – but only if you keep it secret forever. Be wary though: rumour has it that he likes to look up women’s skirts.

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As the weather gets hotter, you might want to take a dip and chill out. Bratislava has its own lakes and pools. And there’s more! Magio Beach, for example. Yes, a beach! Famous Magio Beach is located near the city centre on the shores of the Danube River. As I mentioned previously, everything is easy to reach in Bratislava. There’s always great music (usually Cuban) playing somewhere and live concerts or even dance courses are organised on a regular basis. There are lots of opportunities to enjoy cool drinks and snacks. A beach volleyball court is only a few steps away. You will also find a children’s playground nearby. It’s simply a great place to be!

At the end of the day, if you still have any energy left, it’s time to experience first-hand why the city’s nickname is “Partyslava”. Let me just put it this way: Bratislava never sleeps. 

So, why Bratislava? The answer is easy – because it’s all there: history, architecture, tradition, culture, art, drinks, food and nightlife. And, it’s all very accessible. Visit Bratislava and Welcome Home!

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