24 Hours in Paradise

14. May 2017

The first thing we noticed on our arrival at the Punta Skala Resort is the friendly staff who welcomes guests arriving at the entrance to the resort with a smile. According to the Falkensteiner motto: #WelcomeHome!

On our drive to Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera, we pass by the lovely Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora, the bike rental, continue through a small roundabout and then drive along the Falkensteiner Premium Apartments Senia on the left-hand side and the underground car park on the right-hand side. Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera is located at the far end of the resort: perhaps the last, but certainly not the least amazing feature on the premises. Falkensteiner's blue flag flies above the entrance, right next to the lively fountain.

The resort is a car-free zone: whenever you see any vehicles parked by the front entrance, that's only because the bellboy needs to put the luggage in a customer's cars or help carry luggage into the hotel.

Right in the middle of the hotel lobby, a fresh lavender bouquet has been placed in the middle of a white, wooden table. These flowers have been carefully picked in the countryside surrounding the hotel. The white floor, white comfy coves in the lounge and the breath-taking view through the window overlooking the infinity pool will leave you instantly captivated by the beauty of Iadera. At the front desk, the receptionists are available day and night to assist all the guests staying in any of the 250 rooms. Arrivals and departures, your wishes or concerns, requests or suggestions are their priority and they will go the extra, extra mile for each of the customers, because it is in the Welcome Home spirit to make our guests feel they are at home.

There is really no difference in the floors: the ocean blue carpet extends over the entire length of the hallways. The hotel’s simple but amazing interior follows the ocean blue and heavenly white design theme with simple but stylish details, such as night lamps and creative small tables with room numbers. The mirrored glass rooftop lets the sunlight warm the corridors and emphasises the hotel’s boat-shaped interior, giving it such a calming and relaxing ambiance. The rooms vary in size and category and in the views they offer, but they all have the same luxurious, stylish and Mediterranean design. The most creative green and blue bathroom tiles, for example, are a favourite detail with the guests.

It is time to take the wellness elevator to the Acquapura Spa. Right when you step out of the elevator, you are mesmerised by the view on the infinity pool. The balmy temperatures and smell of the pool instantly transport you into another state of mind. As we turn left, we make out the bar of the SPA Bistro which has its daily special written in chalk on a blackboard. All the favourite smoothie flavours are also listed: it will be a hard decision to choose one of them.

At the SPA Bistro terrace, the view is simply stunning and the atmosphere so peaceful.

When temperatures rise over 30° Celsius, there is presumably no better retreat than this to enjoy the perks the hotel has to offer. The salad bar on the terrace is self-service and salad lovers will most certainly enjoy this concept. Everything else is served by the bar tenders.

The sunbeds are covered with beach towels and guests get to suntan and enjoy the amenities of the infinity pool. The bartenders are always on the ball, because their priority is to indulge our guests, serving up favourite, fresh cocktails with no effort and in no time. Their hours at the pool are dedicated to ensuring total and complete relaxation.

In the afternoon hours or before dinner time, guests usually go out for a quiet walk to explore the hotel premises, stroll around the pool area or enjoy an appetiser at the Sotto Voce bar and terrace. On special nights, guests get to enjoy show-cooking in the open air in front of Restaurant Jadran. Quite spectacular, I might say: witnessing the best of sunsets and enjoying culinary delights in the open air with music playing in the background. All of this becomes even more magical once the sun sets and colourful lights brighten up Jadran’s terrace.

Dinners at Restaurant Jadran are truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience – this is precisely what comes to my mind, when someone asks me to select a special highlight in my Iadera experience.

Dinners at Restaurant Bracera allow for another famous Iadera dining style. It is an entirely different way of having dinner, especially for nature lovers. You are seated just a few meters away from the sea, which makes for quite a unique experience that I would recommend, especially on summery nights and for fish lovers. The day’s best catch is always on the menu of the day.

You are walking back to the hotel, but you don't want the night to end just yet? The Cigar Lounge right behind Sotto Voce bar is cosy and intimate; non-smokers get to chill in the swings outside of the lounge, while sipping at another house cocktail.

They say: “You are what you eat.” And Falkensteiner breakfast is known to be a favourite perk in the whole experience. Iadera's breakfast takes its cue from the Adriatic cuisine, so you get to enjoy some fish specialties, such as smoked salmon, even for breakfast along with freshly squeezed lemon, orange and tomato juice.


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The reception team is very helpful in assisting with the check-out procedure. The bellboy fetches luggage from the rooms and stores it in the luggage cart. Depending on the guest’s preference, he leaves takes it to the lobby or brings the car to the entrance and then stores all the personal belongings in the boot.

Your check-out is the perfect time to conveniently book the same room for your next stay. You are then all set for another vacation, with no need to make any reservation calls.

As I leave the hotel, and drive back to the gate, I get a slightly uncomfortable feeling: I realise that the 24 hours in Iadera have passed in the blink of an eye. From the gateman and the welcoming staff at the front desk to the friendly room attendants, the lovely baristas at the pool and the helpful staff at the restaurant – all them, together with the best hotel and views of the Adriatic Sea, have offered me a kind of lifestyle on this 1 day and 1 night that I want to re-visit again and again.

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