100 things to do at Nassfeld

06. July 2017

A holiday at Nassfeld? In the summer? Some people may think there is not much to do in a popular skiing resort in the summer. Not so at Nassfeld. In the spring, summer and autumn, we have a comprehensive programme of over 100 activities to offer that we have compiled for you here in an A to Z list.

I had the pleasure of testing one of the most recent highlights here at Nassfeld and can only recommend it. I fell into bed with a smile glued to my face, exhausted but happy, yet more about that later.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful sunny spring day here at Nassfeld. This day was going to be a very special one for me. Recently, a wide selection of quad tours has become available right in front of the door to Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Carinzia and Falkensteiner Hotel Sonnenalpe. When I first picked up the brochure, I immediately wanted very much to give it a go one day. With tours ranging from the 2.5-hour tour to the 3.5-hour Quad Mud Tour and the 5.5-hour Quad XXL Tour, there is an offer to suit every taste.

I started out in the morning at Nassfeld, right at Haus Petra. (Only 10 minutes away from Hotel & Spa Carinzia or 2 minutes away from Hotel Sonnenalpe.)

After having chosen the right helmet and gained at least a theoretic understanding of how the quad works, I was off. On the first few metres, I tested the workings of my new set of wheels at a comfortable pace, after all, this was the first time I was driving one of these things. The only precondition is a valid category B driving licence.

After a brief familiarisation phase and the first off-road kilometres, things get really exciting. A water obstacle blocks our path. No problem for the quad, "supposedly", so let's just head straight for it. 3 – 2 – 1 SPLASH and YIPPEE!

The tour then continued on to the Alpine pasture Straniger Alm. After fortifying ourselves with delicious bacon on bread and fresh buttermilk, we rode through the landscape with a view of the stunning mountain panorama of the Carnic Alps. As many times before, the natural environment of my home region rendered me completely speechless and I enjoyed, now as a passenger, the madly beautiful atmosphere that presented itself on that lovely day.

Over hill and dale we drove, all the way to Italy. Taking the Pramollo Road back up, we discovered ancient paths and secret places that I had never before seen or anticipated. How could there even be anything that beautiful?! This spectacular quad tour permanently changed my perception of my home for the better.

There really is so much more to experience here at Nassfeld than even we had all first imagined: everything from C as in camping to F as in fishing and Q as in quad biking is possible on a holiday in our region. To be sure, the only remaining challenge will be to fit the wide range of options into just one holiday. Even I, as a local, am truly impressed by all the ideas we were able to collect when we compiled our ABC. I would recommend: check it out and then just try it all for yourself on your next holiday with Falkensteiner at Nassfeld!

Now that I have tried Q as in quad biking myself, I can really recommend it and it certainly will not have been my last tour with www.quad-tours.eu.

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