Yoga is a practical philosophy of life that makes you live more consciously and healthily and goes as deeply as you want.

Health prevention. Coping with stress. Just feel good.

Yoga is a traditional Indian technique to get in tune with yourself and your own body. Yoga strengthens coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance, boosts the metabolism, prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system and supports the musculoskeletal system.

Yoga is lifestyle and influences the modern mind and its overload in the hectic and hysteria of the 21st century. Mindfulness and the coordination of breath and movement practice self-awareness and thus create the first prerequisite for changing behavior patterns - if you want to.

Close-up of spa mat, belt & herb drink at Falkensteiner Hotels
Monthly yoga sessions

Activity. Regeneration. Serenity. And a loving look inside. The yoga program held by Michael Hornbogner allows a short break from everyday life. With an arrangement of dynamic movements and pure enjoyment, you will experience peace and quiet.

Women engaged in yoga at Falkensteiner Hotels
Regular yoga retreats

Retreat means retreat, spiritual rest and a planned departure from the familiar environment. A yoga retreat gives enough space for everything that is good for you. In the Balance Resort Stegersbach these yoga relaxation holidays take place several times a year and the wellness oasis also offers deceleration on all levels away from the mat.