Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach Spa
Swimming pool at Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach


Enjoy a truly relaxing SPA stay in Austria

Activity and regeneration in complete harmony – the perfect symbiosis of pure enjoyment, a new body experience, relaxation and deceleration. Immerse yourself in an exclusive world of conscious enjoyment, well-being, health, originality and experiences using all your senses.

The holistic well-being concept at the Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach focuses on restoring inner balance – be it through active or regenerative measures and activities, which are individually adapted to specific needs. In addition to the exquisite SPA treatment offering, the focus is also on health prevention and related applications.

Decelerate at the highest level

The Acquapura SPA fulfils the desire for deep relaxation and undisturbed indulgence – a spacious feel-good retreat with two infinity pools and a luxurious sauna, with treatments by the natural cosmetics line Pharmos Green Luxury and the exquisite French beauty line Anne Semonin, with "made to measure" treatments.


Sustainable success, more energy and a new attitude to life.

Metabolic Balance® – healthy weight loss at the highest level in a luxurious and original atmosphere. Cared for and accompanied by a trained team of experts, the Balance Resort Stegersbach allows its guests to reach their individual goals. In addition, lots of SPA packages await that can help with a change in diet.



Detoxify and relax with an anti-ageing effect

Microcurrent body wraps improve blood circulation and lymphatic activity, strengthen the body and help to improve the detoxification process. The activating properties of the frequency-specific microcurrent therapy bring the cell metabolism into balance and thereby act as a detoxification treatment for our bodies.


Get a detailed insight into your own health

Vitality measurement – a scientifically based health evaluation based on heart rate variability. The result of this measurement is comprehensive and holistic bio-feedback on performance potential, stress tolerance, ability to regenerate, sleep quality, risk of burn-out, mental resilience and biological age.


Energetic balance to combat wrinkles and cellulite

This philosophy of healing teaches that the body, mind and soul and the environment are one and come together to create the individual. All elements of this symbiosis must be in harmony – TCM therapies therefore always strive to balance what has become out of balance.


Healthy skin and external beauty

For external well-being – a combination of neural therapy, acupuncture and drug therapy to effectively reduce annoying wrinkles. In this case, drug mixtures are introduced in very small doses by microinjections close to the site of the disease in the skin.